What it's like receiving a GoodnessMe Box

What it’s like receiving a GoodnessMe box – June 2020

In my original review of GoodnessMe, I gave them a fantastic 8.4/10 rating. I specifically called them out as the perfect food box for “anyone who’s looking to discover new, healthy foods or wants to explore new snacking options” and I still think they’re the best offering on the market. So, when the team at GoodnessMe reached out and asked if I’d like to get their June box with their new, updated branding I couldn’t help but say yes! This means that I haven’t paid for my latest box but my original review was 100% independent and paid for out of my own pocket.

Cheapest Prepared Meals - Featured Image

Cheapest Prepared Meals Service | 20 Options Compared | Who Wins? (2022)

Nothing beats the simplicity of having prepared meals ready for dinner. Even a takeaway can take 30 minutes or more to arrive, whilst your prepared meals take just a few minutes in the microwave. This convenience is why the amount of companies offering ready-to-heat meals has exploded over recent years. However, it can be expensive to fund eating from a prepared meals service every day. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the costs involved and whether you’re getting good value for money. To help out, I’ve analysed 20+ services to find the best value prepared meals available in Australia.

Why is Dinnerly so cheap?

Why is Dinnerly so cheap? Healthy food at $5 per portion

In my analysis of the ‘Cheapest Meal Kits’, Dinnerly came out far ahead of the pack. With Dinnerly, you’re saving over 20% compared to Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon. That’s potentially a massive $2,000 saving for a family of 4 each year. A lot of people have come to me and asked how Dinnerly can provide their meal kit delivery so cheaply. So, I wanted to shed some light on the ways they are able to pass on cost savings to customers.

Expectations vs Reality

HelloFresh Meals: Expectations vs Reality

If you’re thinking of signing up to Hello Fresh, it’s very easy to be cynical when checking out their website and seeing all the beautifully presented meals cooked by professional chefs. Therefore, I wanted to test whether I can cook dishes up to look the same as the Hello Fresh meals marketing material. In the process, I’ll also let you know if the meals tasted as good as they looked – because that’s important, right?