Comparing Meal Kit Providers

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options out there in the Food Box market, so my aim is simply to try and guide you to the company that’s perfect for you. To help, I’ve pulled together a comparison of all Meal Kit and Prepared Meal services around. I’ve also included links to their sites and any special offers we’ve negotiated with them, to make sure you get the best value around.

There’s an explanation about each element of the comparison process at the bottom of this page.

Meal Kit Services

Our ‘Meal Kits‘ comparison includes any subscription service that sends ingredients to your door so you can cook fresh food at home.

ServiceDelivers ToUnique Selling PointCost - 2 People / 3 NightsCost - 2 People / 5 NightsDelivery CostOur Total RatingBuy
DinnerlyEverywhere except WABasic Offering$43.50$65.00$8.956.9
Hello FreshMost CitiesSeasonal Ingredients$59.96$99.96$9.998.6Get 40% OFF Your First Box
Marley SpoonMost Eastern CitiesMeal Variety$67.50$105.00$8.957.6Get $80 OFF Your First Four Orders
Pepper LeafMajor Eastern CitiesLocal Farm Produce$77.90$114.90FREE7.3Get $40 OFF Your First Order
EveryPlateNSW, VIC, QLD & ACTCheap Meals$41.94$65.90$8.997.3Get 40% OFF Your First Order
Thomas Farms KitchenMajor Eastern CitiesHigh Quality Ingredients$69.90$99.10*FREEComing Soon

Prepared Meal Services

Our ‘Prepared Meals’ comparison includes any subscription service that sends fully prepared meals to your door that just need to be heated up before eating.

ServiceDelivers ToUnique Selling PointCost - 7 PortionsCost - 10 PortionsDelivery CostOur Total RatingBuy
BeFitFoodAll Major CitiesWeight Loss Plans$74.90$106.10*$20 or FREE over $177Review Pending
Gourmet Dinner ServiceSydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, CanberraQuality Ingredients$99.20$122.74$12.00Review Pending
Gym Food AustraliaAustralia WideFitness Plans$77.00$110.00$16.50Review Pending
Lite n EasyAustralia WideWeight Loss Plans$84.00$114.00FREE7.7
MACROSAll Major CitiesFitness Plans$84$114.5$10-$157.3Get Exclusive Discount
My Muscle ChefAustralia WideFitness MealsN/A$105.00$5 - $108.4
Nourish’dEast Coast CitiesHealthy Eating$106.45$133.70$5 - $15Review Pending
PWR MealsSydneyFitness PlansNot Available$99.95*FREEReview Pending
SoularaAll Major CitiesPlant-based$86.10$12.78*$10.008.0Get Exclusive Discount
YouFoodzAustralia WideHealthy Eating$84.65$111.50FREE or $107.79 Meals For $69

How Should I Read The Comparison Tables?

Delivers To – Without being able to list every single postcode each company delivers to, we’ve had to make some generalisations. Each service has their own postcode checker to see if they deliver to your area so we recommend you check there before making a decision.

Unique Selling Point – Each service has their own space in the market that separates them from the competition. I’ve tried to summarise these in just a couple of words to give you a flavour of a company. Check out our detailed reviews to learn more about their USP.

Cost – These show the standard weekly prices based on a set number of portions. Where possible, I have used the ‘Standard’ or ‘Regular’ subscription offering.

* in some cases, the service doesn’t offer any options at either 6, 7 or 10 portions. To get a comparable result, I take the next portion option up (e.g 12 portions) and calculate the cost of 10 meals out of the 12.

Delivery Cost – This can vary by region, so make sure to check the cost for you at checkout.