Best Frozen Meal Delivery Service

The 6 Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services in Australia (2023)

Frozen meals have historically had a bad reputation for unhealthy, bland food. That’s certainly no longer the case.

Let me introduce you to the best frozen meal delivery services in Australia. Each of them will completely redefine your expectations of what a frozen dinner can taste like.

I’ve eaten hundreds of frozen meals across most major services. So, whether you’re looking to save money, time, or weight, I can recommend the perfect meal delivery service for you.

Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services of 2023

Best Overall
My Muscle Chef
  • Type: Prepared Meals
  • Price: $8.11 – $11.40 per meal
  • Delivers To: 4,200+ postcodes across Australia.
  • TopFeature: More than just great meals
Best Quality
Dinner Ladies
  • Type: Frozen Prepared Meals
  • Price: $6 – $11 / Serving
  • Delivers To: Metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.
  • TopFeature: Simple home-cooked dishes.
Best Value
  • Type: Prepared Meals
  • Price: $8.49 - $13.99 / Meal (plus Discounts)
  • Delivers To: Australia-wide
  • TopFeature: Incredible discounts for simple, healthy food.

We also cover the best meal delivery services in Australia, including meal kit services like HelloFresh and Marley Spoon.

Best Overall – My Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef

Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t a service only suitable for gym-goers. My Muscle Chef have grown into a healthy meal delivery service with a huge range of delicious meals.

  • Size of Range: ~55 Meals
  • Price Range: $8.11 – $11.40 per meal.
  • Delivery Areas: 4,200+ postcodes across Australia.
  • Minimum Order Size: $99

My Muscle Chef deliver brilliant high-protein meals for muscle growth, alongside a more calorie-controlled range making them suitable for anyone.

What makes them particularly special and my top overall recommendation, is the taste and experience My Muscle Chef consistently deliver. Where many services have disappointing meals, I’ve rarely failed to enjoy a My Muscle Chef meal.

In combination with their additional range of products from breakfast, snacks, add-ons and protein shakes, it makes My Muscle Chef a one-stop shop for your diet.

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Pros and Cons


  • Delicious, enjoyable meals.
  • Easy to order one-off or manage your subscription.
  • Great range of meals and add-ons.
  • Variety of meals suitable for any dietary goals.


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Best Quality – Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies

There are few options available to feed more than one person with frozen meals in Australia. Fortunately, we have a standout service with The Dinner Ladies who deliver incredibly delicious portion of pre-cooked food that you just need to throw in the oven.

  • Size of Range: 40+ dishes.
  • Price Range: $6 – $11 per portion.
  • Delivery Areas: Metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.
  • Minimum Order Size: $100

Instead of delivering full meals in plastic packaging, the Dinner Ladies take a slightly different tactic. Cooked in home kitchens around Australia, The Dinner Ladies will deliver the main part of your dinner so you can easily reheat it.

Most of the time you will need to add some additional food like pasta, rice or salad to turn the dish into a full meal. Importantly though, Dinner Ladies saves you from the most time-consuming parts of meal prep and cooking.

The Dinner Ladies focus on using simple, seasonal ingredients to build flavourful meals suitable for the whole family. Whilst basic, I found that all of meal I tried reheated well and tasted delicious.

This service has the healthiness of home-cooked meals, with the convenience of prepared meals. They’re amazing to have in the freezer as part of your regular meal planning.

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Pros and Cons


  • Genuine, healthy, home-cooked food.
  • No recurring subscriptions to manage.
  • Suitable for feeding 2-4 people.


  • Some dishes are expensive.
  • Availability of meals is occasionally an issue.
  • You often need to add foods like pasta, salad etc.

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Best Value – YouFoodz


On the opposite end of the spectrum to CoLab, sits YouFoodz.  With YouFoodz, the focus is on keeping costs as low as possible whilst still using simple, healthy ingredients.

  • Size of Range: 45+ Meals
  • Price Range: $8.49 – $13.99
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide
  • Minimum Order Size: None (Free delivery over $89)

At first glance, you’ll see that YouFoodz meals aren’t the cheapest around with meals costing from $8.49. However, you’ll always find a discount code to bring prices lower than $7 per meal.

At these prices, it makes YouFoodz the cheapest prepared meals service in Australia.

There’s a strong range of 45+ meals available, including the YouFoodz FUEL’D range of meals that are a bit larger and protein-heavy than their normal ready meals. However, I’ve found that some of the meals can be a bit hit & miss. For example, they offer a meal I can never understand – fried chicken – which never reheats well.

Once you’ve found the YouFoodz meals you enjoy, it’s hard not to love the value you’re getting for incredibly convenient meals you can cook at any time.

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Pros and Cons


  • Incredible value for anyone on a budget.
  • Well-designed website with an easy to manage subscription.
  • Free delivery to most of Australia.


  • Most meals have chicken as the primary protein source.
  • Some meals have a disappointing texture.

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Featured Service

Best Vegetarian – Soulara


Many of the best frozen meal delivery services in Australia have menus packed full of meat alongside a very small vegetarian range. In contrast, Soulara specialise in vegan meals with a huge range of interesting and flavourful vegan dinners.

  • Size of Range: 35+ meals.
  • Price Range: $9.10 – $12.30 per meal.
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide
  • Minimum Order Size: $85 (7 Meals)

Despite not being on a vegetarian diet, I’ve actually tried Soulara a few times and have always been impressed by the variety and flavour they pack into their dinners. I my opinion, they’re the best vegetarian meal delivery service in Australia.

You can enjoy inventive cooking of vegan ingredients like jackfruit and tofu, as well as different vegetables, beans and pulses. Think curries, soups, pastas and mixed bowls. You won’t quickly get bored on Soulara with over 35 meals to try.

There’s also a range of cold pressed juices and kombucha if that’s your thing.

The only downside of Soulara is that they force you into a set number of meals per week on their subscription plan. That’s 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 meals per week. I’d personally prefer more flexibility.

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Pros and Cons


  • Wide range and variety of vegan meals.
  • Brilliant use of spices and meat substitutes.
  • Easy to order and manage your subscription.


  • Limited delivery dates.
  • A small number of meals are disappointing.

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Best For Losing Weight – Be Fit Food

Be Fit Food

Losing weight is a battle against your calorie intake. Be Fit Food have programmes designed to keep you under your maintenance level of calories, without resorting to boring meals.

  • Size of Range: 26 Main Meals + 10 Breakfasts
  • Price Range: $225 – $350 per week.
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide
  • Minimum Order Size: None

Whilst Be Fit Food meals may not be perfect, they do pack a lot of flavour. I thoroughly enjoyed eating my way through their menu.

If you’re aiming to stick to a low-calorie diet, having all of your meals delivered and stored in your freezer is the perfect motivation. It eliminates the excuse of “not having food in the house” and reaching for a quick-fix unhealthy meal.

You’ll also find counting calories very easy, with meal plans between 800 and 1200 calories making them the best meal delivery service for a ketogenic diet. I challenge anyone not to lose weight on a Be Fit Food plan.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get access to a registered dietitian and a community of over 6,000 Be Fit Foodies on their weight loss journeys.

Learn More: Read Our Extensive Be Fit Food Review.

Pros and Cons


  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for a full weight-loss program.
  • Flavourful, enjoyable meals (albeit expectedly small portions).
  • Access to a weight loss community and dietitian consult.


  • The programme is expensive, costing no less than $10 per meal.
  • The freezing/reheating process does leave some meals quite watery.
  • Limited meal variety might get boring quickly.

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Best Lifestyle Meals – MACROS

MACROS Service Banner

MACROS deserve to be on this list because they excel at offering a wide variety of plans that will suit anyone looking for frozen ready meals. Whether you’re looking to lose, maintain or gain weight, MACROS has a plan for you.

  • Size of Range: 40+ Meals
  • Price Range: $9.65 – $19.86 per meal.
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide (inc TAS)
  • Minimum Order Size: 7 Meals

The major selling point with MACROS is that each meal is offered in a variety of different portion sizes. 300g, 350g and 450g sizes are offered for each of the MACROS meals, with variations made to the protein/fat/carbohydrate splits as well.

The leads to 7 different meal plans being available, from ‘weight loss’ to ‘balanced’ to ‘muscle gain’. Whatever your personal targets are, you’ll be able to pick out meals from MACROS that are perfectly suited.

MACROS meals are very enjoyable, with a wide variety of different options to choose from. I generally found them to be a little more basic in comparison to My Muscle Chef, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if your focus is on eating clean, simple food.

In fact, MACROS performed very well when researching whether prepared meals are healthy. On average, MACROS meals are very low in Saturated Fat and very high in Fibre.

Learn More: Read Our MACROS Review.

Pros and Cons


  • Enjoyable, flavourful simple meals.
  • Huge variety of plans available for different dietary goals.
  • Integrates with MyFitnessPal for easy tracking of your diet.


  • Some of the meals can be disappointing in texture.
  • Smaller orders are expensive.

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Guide to Finding the Best Frozen Meal Delivery Service

I’ve tried 14 different prepared meals services in Australia (and counting!) so by now I know a thing or two about “choosing the right frozen meal delivery service”. To help you on your search for the right service, I’ll share a few of the questions you should answer to help guide your decision.

What’s your dietary goal?

First, you must question what you’re trying to achieve with your diet. Are you looking to gain muscle? Lose weight slowly or quickly? Eat healthy?

This will then point you towards a few different services that cater to your goals specifically. The convenience of frozen meals makes it much easier to stick to any diet plans, massively increasing your chances of achieving your goals.

How important is variety?

Some people are very happy eating the same meals every week, with the familiarity of eating their favourite foods making meal-times easy. In contrast, many people want to have a wide variety of different meals to enjoy without any repeats.

Consider how important this is for you as a factor. Frozen meal services can vary significantly in their range from just 20 meals to 60+ different meals.

How many people am I feeding?

Frozen meal services are most suitable for anyone responsible only for their own meals, or who don’t mind making alternative arrangements for their families.

Few services offer meals suitable for more than one person so your options will be limited if feeding a family. The exceptions include MACROS who have 2-person meals, as well as Dinner Ladies who have 2 or 4 portion dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HelloFresh have frozen meals?

HelloFresh have started offering prepared meals as part of their regular delivery service. There are only a couple of options each week, and you can learn more about them through our review of HelloFresh meals.

Which ready made meals are best?

Honestly, some ingredients are just not suitable for reheating as part of a prepared/frozen meal. A few of the most common dishes that should be ignored are fried chicken or burgers. Really, anything that relies on a crispy texture or salad mixed into the dish.

The best meals for reheating include stews and rice dishes that actually gain flavour during the storage and reheating process.

Are premade meal plans worth it?

Premade meals have some incredible benefits. The most important benefit is simply convenience, with the ability to have dinner ready in just 2-3 minutes. This makes premade meal plans perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle who often finds themselves running out of time to cook.

You’re also getting a calorie-controlled meal that allows you to stick to your diet and avoid reaching for those pesky takeaway delivery apps. Whilst you will pay a premium to have ready-to-heat meals, they’re great value compared to a takeaway.

How long to meals last in the freezer?

The answer to this will vary depending on the service you’re using; however most meals will be safe to eat even when left indefinitely.

It’s recommended that frozen meals are eaten within around 3-4 months or the flavour/texture profile of the meal will start deteriorating.

What’s the Best Frozen Meal Delivery Service?

We highly rate My Muscle Chef as the best frozen meal delivery service. You’ll find innovative packaging used on a large range of delicious meals that you’ll want to order time and time again.

We particularly enjoy the additional discounts you get on meals when ordering 15+ dinners, allowing you to get the price down to almost $8 per meal. That’s a bargain for the most enjoyable frozen meals I’ve ever eaten.

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