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Good Pair Days Review (2024) This Is The Best Aussie Wine Subscription. Don’t Miss Out.

Receiving a delivery of wine is still a novel concept to most Australians, however the success of companies like Jimmy Brings are introducing more Aussies to the benefits of delivery services.

Wine subscription boxes are an interesting proposition to help people discover wines that they may not have known about. Plus, getting a regular delivery of interesting wines can really help spice up your date nights, family dinners and dinner parties.

Whilst trying Good Pair Days, I’ve found a modern, millennial wine subscription offering with a lot of added quirkiness and charm. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth getting a subscription? This Good Pair Days review will help you find out if their wine subscription is right for you.

Good Pair Days Subscription Review

Good Pair Days - Review Summary

Not only is Good Pair Days the best wine subscription service in Australia, it’s rated the highest subscription service of any type here at Food Box Mate. This is definitely a service worth trying for anyone who likes a glass (or two) of wine.

  • Ordering - Website - 10/10
  • Products - Quality & Experience - 10/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 9/10
  • Value For Money - 10/10


  • Great value for money.
  • Earn points and rewards to unlock amazing prizes.
  • Delicious, fully personalised wine recommendations.
  • Seamless subscription experience.


  • Not great for anyone who doesn’t drink wine.

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Who are Good Pair Days?

Good Pair Days was founded as a technology company specialising in delivering an incredible wine experience. The original idea was brought to life by an ex-Investment Banker (Tom Walenkamp) who recruited two co-founders to build the business – Beto de Castro Moreira, a web developer and (crucially) Banjo Harris Plane, multiple Australian Sommelier of the Year.

If you’re familiar with the restaurant scene in Australia, Banjo was the head sommelier at legendary Melbourne restaurant, Attica, as well as the renowned Sydney institution, Quay.

The recruitment of an expert sommelier brings a significant amount of credibility to their team, suggesting their wine selections could be quite exciting. The startup (previously called The Wine Gallery) has been growing since its inception in 2015, securing a $2 million investment in 2018 to expand their offering.

Their branding is very clean, modern and engaging whilst trying to bring a bit of fun to the wine industry. I’m a huge fan.

What do Good Pair Days offer?

Good Pair Days are laser-focused on offering their wine subscription box, which is the only service you can buy on their website. However, there is an exceptional amount of flexibility within this product that allows you to change your wines, box size and delivery dates whenever you want.

This is a huge (and welcome) contrast to other various wine subscription services around.

The core unique selling point for Good Pair Days is their wine palate quiz. Sounds a bit snooty, doesn’t it?

Not at all!

Their quiz is incredibly fun an interactive, asking you questions like “I want you to think about toast. With or without vegemite, it’s your choice. With zero health consequence to consider, how much butter would you apply?“. I know almost nothing about wine, but even I can answer fun questions like this.

Wine Palate Quiz

Just 8 easy questions and a few minutes later, you’re given a personalised recommendation for the different types of wine that you’ll like. I was a little sceptical, but ended up surprised to see that all my favourite wine varieties were recommended to me alongside a few new varieties to try. Perfect!

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Personalising Your Order

One of the main reasons people are hesitant about wine subscriptions is the possibility of paying for a wine you don’t like. Good Pair Days tackle this head-on by allowing you to pick and choose what wines arrive in your box. You can either ask their recommendation engine to try a new wine, or select the wine yourself from their cellar.

In fact, you can control your order in every way possible:

  • Billing Day – Any day of the month
  • Delivery Timing – Monthly, Every Second Month, Quarterly.
  • Wines Per Box – Between 3 and 20 bottles.
  • Grape Varieties – Any combination of Red, White, Rose or Sparkling.
  • Bottle Costs – All bottles fit within a couple of different price ranges.

This level of personalisation is very rare to find in any online subscription, so Good Pair Days should be applauded for offering all these different options. Even better, you can cancel or skip your delivery online at any point before your next billing date. Clear, simple and incredibly easy.

Good Pair Days Customisation
The options you can select with a Good Pair Days subscription.

How much does a Good Pair Days subscription cost?

The pricing structure for Good Pair Days is incredibly simple, offering three tiers of pricing per bottle:

  • Up to $15
  • $16 to $25
  • $26 to $35
  • $36 to $50

All wines are sold at these prices, which takes a lot of the hassle out of choosing wines based on price.

The minimum box size is 3 wines, so it’s possible to get a box delivered from just $54. This is a much lower starting price than many other wine subscription services out there and is perfect for anyone who’s quite budget-conscious.

I’m currently getting a membership discount of around 12%, along with an offer for free delivery on any case of 4 wines or above. This means I’m actually getting 4 bottles of wine delivered for just $60. Bargain.

Update May 2021 – Good Pair Days used to offer wines at 3 specific price points but updated their offering to the above mentioned price ranges. As a result, they’ve been able to stock lots more wines (that had previously been between prices) and variety has increased. The “up to $15” box is incredible value for anyone who isn’t fussy about their wine.

You can also select what’s called a “Broad” subscription that means you select the maximum amount you’re willing to spend each delivery and their recommendation engine will automatically select the best bottles for you. This means you can experience wines across different price points without increasing your total spend.

New Broad Subscription Model for Good Pair Days
Example of a ‘broad’ subscription to Good Pair Days

Do Good Pair Days charge for delivery?

There is a small charge of $9 for delivery, although Good Pair Days regularly offer free delivery for any box with 4 or more bottles in it.

This includes Australia-wide shipping, so you can try a Good Pair Days subscription even in rural areas.

My Good Pair Days subscription

I’ve received well over 50 bottles of wine from Good Pair Days over the years, they’re easily my longest standing subscription. To make this review easier, I’ll focus on a single box and explain what the experience is like.

My delivery arrived just a few short days after signing up to Good Pair Days, having opted for a box of 4 different white wines as recommended by their palate quiz.

I was a little disappointed that they could only give a whole day as the delivery timeline, I wouldn’t want the wine sitting outside my house for too long! Fortunately, there is a tracking code for each order so you have a good idea when it’s going to arrive on the day – you can also ask them to drop it off with neighbours or at a local pick up point.

Good Pair Days Delivery Box
My beautiful Good Pair Days box

The box is packaged neatly with some fun slogans on the side, my favourite being “No Planet, No Pinot ♻ Recycle this bad boy”.

Inside, the wine bottles are securely housed in a way they’re unlikely to break in transit. These boxes are cleverly designed and work far better for delivery than the traditional wine crates.

Good Pair Days Subscription Wines
The wines inside my first ever Good Pair Days box

If you order more than 6 wines, these do arrive in a larger box stored upright like a traditional wine crate, instead of horizontal like the picture above. It’s a shame as I much prefer the boxes they use for 4 bottles.

What was in my Good Pair Days box?

I’m personally a big fan of white wines (correctly spotted by their wine quiz) and received a box of 4 different white grape varieties. In my box were the following wines:

  • Signor Vino Vermentino 2019
  • The Upstarts Sauvignon Blanc 2018
  • Harvest Moon Pinot Grigio 2018
  • A Grower’s Touch Chardonnay 2019

These were all recommended to me using their automatic wine suggestions. They were all absolutely delicious and I finished off all 4 bottles far too quickly.

Alongside each wine is a card providing more information about the bottle – including tasting notes, grape information and food pairings.

Good Pair Days Tasting Notes
Wine cards received with every bottle.

These cards are fun and quirky, turning each wine into an experience. Especially when you’re trying to spot all those tasting notes!

I particularly enjoy the food pairing recommendations, which even include a recipe that pairs really well with the wine. This really helps to build this subscription to more than just ‘receiving some wine bottles in the post’.

Finally, my box even included a welcome gift – a Good Pair Days corkscrew. This was a nice added extra, though a little redundant as all 4 of my bottles had screw tops. Over the years, I’ve received freebies ranging from blankets to coolers. Good Pair Days really look after their long term subscribers.

Is a Good Pair Days subscription good value?

I always want to check that I’m receiving good value for each wine bottle, not overpaying compared to a quick trip to the local bottle shop.

With Good Pair Days I would be happy just to be paying the same amount, due to the added value already provided by free shipping, wine recommendations and the fantastic information cards. I searched for the wines I received in my box and here’s what I found:

WineGood Pair DaysBottle-O
Signor Vino Vermentino 2019$15$20
The Upstarts Sauvignon Blanc 2018$15$14
Harvest Moon Pinot Grigio 2018$15$20
A Grower’s Touch Chardonnay 2019$15$20

That’s quite impressive. If I’d bought each bottle of wine separately, I would have paid $74. I paid just $60 which represents a saving of around 15%. Considering all the other benefits of Good Pair Days, I’d suggest this is incredible value.

There’s also the added benefit that you get to explore some wines that can be quite difficult to find elsewhere.

Due to the standard pricing across their wines (just 3 tiers), there’s definitely an opportunity to select wines that are otherwise ‘more expensive’ and therefore get more value out of your subscription. However, I’d recommend just taking their suggestions and enjoying each bottle!

Other things you should consider

I have been incredibly impressed by how easy and intuitive their website has been to use. Clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into building a great online experience. So, I wanted to share some of the additional features you can find with Good Pair Days

Rewards points

Every time you receive a delivery or complete an action on the website, you receive points that ultimately lead to earning rewards. Gaining points is actually very easy, with actions including purchasing a box, reviewing a bottle and taking a ‘taste test’ challenge.

Rewards points can be spent on selected products within their shop, ranging from wine coolers, glasses, corkscrews, all the way to exclusive pre-release wines.

I’ve made it to their highest level – Wine Master. I wasn’t kidding about my commitment to Good Pair Days.

Rewards tiers on Good Pair Days once you’ve unlocked them all

Good Pair Days App

Your Good Pair Days experience also comes with an app available on Android and iOS. The app is a fully functioning mobile version of the website, with all the features you’d expect to see. This includes managing your subscription, discovering new wines and checking your rewards progress.

It’s rare and impressive to be able to fully experience a subscription service using just an app. The only slight disappointment is that they haven’t done anything to make the app experience special by adding functionality that you can’t find on the website. A very minor complaint.

Good Pair Days Mobile App

Top Tip: Even if you don’t need the app, download it for 50 free rewards points and jump up to the next reward level.

Personal Wine Cellar

If you’re anything like me, you’ll drink a nice wine and forget the name of it within a few days. Then, it becomes impossible to remember which wines you liked. Each time I step into my local bottle-o it’s like a lottery.

Good Pair Days starts to solve this problem by providing your own personal cellar that tracks all the wines you’ve received. When you rate your wines (through the app/website) it keeps track of these and allows you to buy a crate of 6/12 when they’re available.


I’m finding it very hard to pick any holes in the Good Pair Days subscription offering. My experience with them has shown great subscription management features, delicious wines, a fantastic website and a fun discovery experience. I haven’t come away with any disappointment, or wanting anything more for my dollars.

I love the price ranges and the incredible personalisation they allow, including discovering wineries/grape varieties that I’ve never earn heard of from across Australia.

As subscription services go, this is easily one of the best I have encountered. If you’re looking to purchase any wine at all, then I highly recommend giving Good Pair Days a try. It’s the only wine subscription I continue to get delivered on a regular basis.

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