15 Best Food Subscription Box Gift Ideas in Australia

Finding the perfect gift can be a time-consuming and highly frustrating endeavour. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the top 15 best food subscription box gifts available in Australia; making it easy for you to find the perfect gift for your loved one, friend or colleague.

Subscription boxes make fantastic gifts for every occasion because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Depending on your budget, you can gift the ability to receive new foods for 3 months, 6 months or even the entire year. They’ll receive a new present every month/quarter, remembering your gift long after all the others are collecting dust in the back of a cupboard.

Without further ado, here are the best food subscription box gifts in Australia.

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What is a food subscription box?

There’s a massive growing industry in Australia, thanks to people like you and me taking more of an interest in local and homegrown produce. This has allowed a large number of smaller producers to start creating their own subscription services. These services are incredible because you get to experience the regular excitement of a box arriving, whilst trying delicious foods that are completely new to you.

These make fantastic gifts because you aren’t relying on a single product (hoping they like it) and rather gifting the opportunity to try lots of different foods (or drinks).

Each box we recommend can be delivered directly to your gift recipients door and left on the doorstep, or with a neighbour.

One word of warning… some subscriptions auto-renew which means you’ll find yourself paying again at the end of the original subscription period. If you didn’t want to gift them the same box for another year, you’ll need to remember to cancel the ongoing subscription. Most services make this incredibly easy to do online and there’s never a penalty for cancelling before payment is taken.

Best for Snacking Fiends GoodnessMe

GoodnessMe Featured Image

The best snacking box available in Australia, we gave GoodnessMe an impressive 8.4 rating in our discovery box review. Founded by the impressive Peta Shulman, the range and quality of products in the GoodnessMe box is consistently incredible every month. We particularly love the focus on cruelty-free, organic products from local Australian brands that deserve more of a spotlight.

Cost: $75 for 3 Months (3 Boxes). $300 for 12 Months (12 Boxes + Gift + Voucher)

What They’ll Receive: A beautifully packaged monthly box of 8-10 different healthy products to explore.

Discover GoodnessMe

Best for Wine ConnoisseursWine Selectors

Wine Selectors - Featured

The team at Wine Selectors know their wine better than anyone else, which we discovered first hand when we reviewed the Wine Selectors subscription service. They originally (back in 1975) specialised in Hunter Valley wines, but since then have expanded to cover a wide range of incredible Australian cellar doors. They offer a range of different ‘Releases’ that deliver 6 or 12 different wines for your recipient to explore. You’re able to set the subscription to renew every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months depending on how much wine you’re wanting to gift. It’s also possible to buy these as a one-off gift.

Cost: Prices vary from $102 for a 6 Pack, to $327 for the most expensive 12 Pack.

What They’ll Receive: 6 or 12 unique wines to drink, with a booklet explaining everything about the bottle.

Discover Wine Selectors

Best for Beer ExplorersCraft Cartel

Craft Cartel - Featured

Craft beer has exploded in Australia in recent years, with hundreds of new craft breweries creating incredible new drinks. Craft Cartel give you the ability to share some of the best of these craft brews as a monthly/quarterly discovery box. These are delivered on the 15th of every month and are perfect for anyone who likes the odd beer now and again. You can also get one-off selection packs from their online shop.

Cost: $59 a month/quarter for an 8 Pack. $99 for a Case of 16.

What They’ll Receive: 8 unique craft beers to try, with detailed tasting notes.

Discover Craft Cartel

Best for Tea LoversT2 Tea

T2 - Featured

We love this T2 subscription box that comes in at an incredibly reasonable price. Tea Drinkers across the world know T2 as a quality brand, serving delicious teas whilst doing good for the planet. The T2 subscription is only deliver quarterly, with 4 different loose leaf teas in each box (approx. 50 cups). Those 4 teas will be a Classic Brew, a Wellness Warrior, one Sommelier Select and a Sneak Peek

Cost: Just $35 per quarter ($140/year).

What They’ll Receive: 4 different loose leaf teas from the T2 collection every quarter.

Discover T2 Tea

Best for Home CooksHelloFresh

HelloFresh Featured Image

HelloFresh ranks as our favourite meal kit, as well as our reader’s favourite meal kit. They deliver fresh, healthy ingredients each week, with accompanying recipe cards to create delicious home-cooked dinners. This is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little help with the weekly grocery spend, or as a simple contribution to an existing subscription through their gift cards.

Cost: Weekly subscriptions start from $65.95 for 2 People / 3 Meals. Get an awesome discount with our exclusive link.

What They’ll Receive: Ingredients and recipe cards for creating incredible home cooked dinners.

Discover HelloFresh

Best for Fitness AddictsMy Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef

Finding the time to cook and eat healthily can be really difficult, especially when trying to fit in multiple sports or sessions at the gym. Being able to meet your calorific needs is important to anyone with fitness goals, which is where My Muscle Chef comes in to help. They deliver weekly packs of meals that can be cooked within 2 minutes, taking all the hassle out of dinner time. We loved the taste of all their meals, which is why we rated them our favourite prepared meal service. You can either purchase a subscription, or buy a gift card for someone with an existing subscription.

Cost: Minimum order value of $94.95 with gift cards starting at $50

What They’ll Receive: Delicious prepared meals every week that just need 2 minutes in the microwave.

Discover My Muscle Chef

Best for Coffee DrinkersThree Thousand Thieves

Three Thousand Thieves - Featured

Gift someone the ability to discover a new Australian roasted, artisan coffee every month with Three Thousand Thieves. With the daily coffee habit quickly becoming very expensive, this gift subscription is great for any coffee drinkers and also kind on everyone’s wallets. You can choose from 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions and 250g, 500g or 1kg of coffee each month. You can even choose between an Espresso subscription or a Filter subscription.

We reviewed a Thieves coffee subscription and loved it!

Cost: From $75 for 3 Months.

What They’ll Receive: A bag of artisan coffee delivered to their house every month, with brewing notes.

Explore Thieves CoffeeSelect your coffee type - whole bean, ground, or capsule!

Best for MixologistsAustralian Cocktail Club

Australian Cocktail Club - Featured

Know someone who loves their cocktails? Help them discover new flavours and master the art of cocktail making with a subscription from Australian Cocktail Club. These aren’t your bog standard cocktails either, these kits come with all the garnishes and extras you’d expect from the fanciest of bars. Be warned the subscription doesn’t come with any spirits, glasses or a shaker, so it’s best bought for someone who’s already into their mixology.

Cost: $210 for a 3 Month subscription ($75 per box)

What They’ll Receive: All the syrups, shrubs, bitters, botanicals, mixers, citrus and garnishes for 12 incredible drinks in each box (4 x 3 Different Cocktails).

Discover Cocktails

Best for Cheese ArtistesCheese Therapy

Cheese Therapy - Featured

Send the gift of Cheese with this fantastic Australian cheese curating team. You’ll find this is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys trying new cheeses, especially from artisanal suppliers. Cheese Therapy offer a ‘Therapy Box’ which contains 4 Australian cheeses, or the ‘Globetrotter Pack’ containing 4 international cheeses. You can even add on the Grazing Box containing exciting products to add to a cheeseboard. All boxes are also available as standalone purchases each month.

Cost: $76 per box of 4 cheeses.

What They’ll Receive: 4 incredible cheeses, including one Soft, one Semi-Hard, one Stinky and one Blue. Also comes with tasting notes and serving suggestions.

Discover Cheese Therapy

Best for Spice LoversChilliBOM

ChilliBOM Feature

We all have that one friend who can’t eat anywhere without asking for Hot Sauce on the side. Now, you can buy them the perfect gift. This Hot Sauce subscription box comes with 3 bottles of different sauces in each box, which can be delivered every 3 or 6 months. Their first box will even come with an incredible little carrying bottle so they can take their hot sauce with them at all times.

Cost: $40 per box

What They’ll Receive: 3 incredible bottles of Hot Sauce to explore in each box.

Discover ChilliBOM

Best for ChocoholicsCocoa Box

CocoaBox Feature

This gift dispatches 3 full-size delicious bars of Australian artisan chocolate to your recipient every month. This can include a variety of different dark, milk and white chocolates that you can’t get at the local supermarket. Even better, the first box is delivered as soon as you place the order which means you can get it delivered just in time for a special occasion.

Cost: $39.90 per box, with a 6 month gift plan costing $299.90.

What They’ll Receive: Three full-size chocolate bars from artisanal makers here in Australia.

Discover Cocoa Box

Best for Sugar SearchersTreatCrate

TreatCrate Feature

TreatCrate was one of the first boxes we reviewed at FoodBoxMate and we absolutely loved the ability to explore different world cuisines each month through their treats and snacks. Each month, the TreatCrate team import some incredible snacks from a specific country which makes this the perfect gift for anyone who loves trying new foods.

Cost: $41 per box, or from $117 for a 3-month gift subscription.

What They’ll Receive: Each box comes filled with 10+ different snacks, all coming from a specific country.

Discover TreatCrate

Best for Gluten AvoidersAustralian Gluten Free Life

Australian Gluten Free Life Feature

AGFL is a popular magazine covering allergy-friendly gluten and wheat-free recipes along with other articles of interest for this following a gluten-free lifestyle. Alongside their magazine, they also offer a subscription box that delivers new gluten-free products to try each month. This makes it an incredible gift for anyone who’s adjusting to a gluten-free diet, or wants to expand the variety of foods they can eat.

Cost: $30 for a single box or $150 for a 6 month subscription

What They’ll Receive: Each box contains 6-7 products to try that are certified gluten-free

Discover AGFL

Best for Plant-Based DietersThe Vegan Box

The Vegan Box Feature

When we reviewed The Vegan Box, we were surprised by the quality and size of the products. This felt like an absolute bargain purchase, especially at a very wallet-friendly price. There’s not doubt that The Vegan Box makes a great gift for any pursuing a vegan diet as they’ll get to try some super interesting products they won’t have heard about before. The box often also comes with small beauty products as well which is a bonus!

Cost: $25 per box, or $150 for a 6 Month subscription.

What They’ll Receive: 6-7 interesting certified vegan products delivered each month.

Discover The Vegan Box

Best for Olive Oil Aficionados09 Olive Oil

o9 Olive Oil Feature

Not your normal contents of a subscription box, but o9 are an incredible Olive Oil producer based in Queensland who should not be ignored. Their annual subscription nets you 4 quarterly deliveries of their latest 500ml Olive Oil, perfect for anyone who loves accompanying salads and breads with a delicious Olive Oil.

Cost: $100 for a yearly subscription

What They’ll Receive: 4 deliveries of the o9 signature 500ml Olive Oil.

Discover o9

We hope you enjoyed our run-down of the best food subscription box gifts available in Australia. Let us know in the comments down below if you’ve gifted any of these, or if you’ve enjoyed any yourself!

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