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6 Best EveryPlate Alternatives in Australia

In my EveryPlate review, I wrote extensively about how they offer incredible value. They’re genuinely a budget-friendly option for having ingredients delivered to your door every week. They’re not perfect though.

I’ve found portions sizes can be on the small side, along with simple-tasting meals. That could be perfect for some people (especially families with kids or picky eaters) but certainly isn’t perfect for everyone.

I’ve tried every meal kit in Australia, so let me share the top alternatives to EveryPlate you should consider. I’ll even throw in a few discount codes to get you started.

Top EveryPlate Competitors

Top Quality
Marley Spoon
  • Type: Meal Kit
  • Price: $8.5 - $12.50 / Serving
  • Delivers To: Australia-Wide
  • TopFeature: Huge variety of meals
Most Similar
  • Type: Meal Kit
  • Price: $5.49 - $8.49 / Serving
  • Delivers To: Australia-Wide
  • TopFeature: Exceptional value
Prepared Alternative
My Muscle Chef
  • Type: Prepared Meals
  • Price: $9.00 - $11.50 / Serving
  • Delivers To: Australia-Wide
  • TopFeature: Ready to eat, delicious meals.

Types of Meal Delivery Service

When considering a new alternative to EveryPlate, it’s important to start by thinking about your priorities. Do you value fresh, home-cooked meals at a low price, or is convenience much more important for you?

Meal Kits

Meal Kits are a fantastic opportunity to learn new cooking skills, discover new ingredients, and generally explore the world of food.

All the services available in Australia offer a weekly selection of different meals, delivering all the ingredients to your house with associated recipes. All the ingredients are ready to use and in the right quantity so you can eliminate food waste almost entirely.

Prepared Meals

In contrast, if your priority instead is convenience then it’s worth giving Prepared Meals services a try. These services deliver fresh (or frozen) fully prepared meals to your front door, meaning you can just chuck your dinner in the microwave for a few minutes and eat straight away.

Perfect for anyone who finds themselves with limited time in the evening or hates cooking. Want to know more? We have an awesome guide covering the best meal delivery services in Australia.

Now, on to the best alternatives to EveryPlate.

Dinnerly – Most Similar to EveryPlate

Dinnerly Featured Image

Type: Meal Kit

Dinnerly provide a very similar service to EveryPlate, albeit with prices that are around 5% higher according to our analysis of the cheapest meal kits in Australia. Just like EveryPlate is owned by HelloFresh, Dinnerly is the budget arm of Marley Spoon. In my experience, you’re geting the same quality of ingredients as Marley Spoon at a much cheaper price.

Think comforting, simple home-cooked meals on the table within 30 – 40 minutes. Just like EveryPlate, a lot of Dinnerly menus are one-pot cooks which make them very easy to make on a weeknight, especially with a busy family life. With less complex or unusual flavours, I find that Dinnerly meals are fantastic for picky eaters as well.

One major point of contention is that Dinnerly don’t provide recipe cards with their delivery. To access the recipes, you need to use their mobile app or their website. Some people find this to be a real dealbreaker. However, I have always been able to get on just fine with their mobile recipes.

Cost: 2 People / 3 Meals at $43.50 + Shipping. 4 People / 5 Meals at $110.00 + Shipping

Delivers To: Most major metropolitan and rural areas across Australia, with no additional charge for regional areas.

Best For: A balance of price, quality and variety. Great for families and cooking with kids.

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Marley Spoon – High-Quality Meals

Marley Spoon Featured Image

Type: Meal Kit

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on your meals for more complex, tastier dinners then Marley Spoon is right for you. They compete directly with HelloFresh to offer premium meals that you’ll absolutely love.

Marley Spoon offer a much wider variety of meals every week with at least 40 options available. This makes them much more suitable for anyone with a restricted diet (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.) or anyone who just wants to explore more variety each week.

The overall quality of Marley Spoon’s service and meals is very high, so you’ll find some more adventurous ingredients for people who want more exciting meals to cook. This includes more variety with each meal’s protein source (not just chicken and beef!).

Personally, I think this is worth the price increase. Especially when you take advantage of our welcome discount.

Cost: 2 People / 3 Meals at $69.00 + Shipping. 4 People / 5 Meals at $170.00 + Shipping

Delivers To: Most Eastern Metro locations with limited service to regional areas

Best For: Special diets, calorie control, picky eaters.

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My Muscle Chef – Delicious No Prep Meals

My Muscle Chef

Type: Prepared Meals

My Muscle Chef – Delicious No Prep Meals

If you’re not convinced that meal kits are right for you, then it’s worth giving prepared meals a try. Whilst you likely won’t use these as an ‘every day’ meal, they’re perfect for storing in the fridge / freeze if you just can’t be bothered to cook.

My personal top recommendation is My Muscle Chef. Despite the name, they aren’t just for ‘muscle’-heads who hit the gym every day. Their menu offers a wide range of 50+ meals that allow you to choose calorie/carb amounts that suit your dietary needs.

The main reason we recommend My Muscle Chef is because most of their meals taste amazing. This puts their meals on par with EveryPlate, with the added advantage of taking just 2 minutes in the microwave to cook!

Of course, this service is more suited to people purchasing dinners for 1 or 2 people. If you’re buying for your family, meal kits are the way to go!

Cost: Individual meals cost between $9.55 – $11.40 + Shipping.

Delivers To: Over 4,200 postcodes across Australia, including all major towns and cities

Best For: Saying “this is too good to be a microwave meal”, meeting fitness goals.

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HelloFresh – Ultimate Dinner Experience

HelloFresh Featured Image

Type: Meal Kit

Whilst every service mentioned on this list delivers quality meals, HelloFresh top my personal list. They’re not as cheap as EveryPlate though, so you need to be prepared to pay a premium.

You should also be aware that HelloFresh actually owns EveryPlate. So, by switching between these two services you’re not straying too far. I have a full EveryPlate comparison against HelloFresh available as well.

What makes them different? Well, HelloFresh offer a wide selection of brilliant recipes that produce incredible meals. I liken it to a restaurant-quality experience. I also find the HelloFresh website slightly easier to navigate and select your recipes each week.

Your meals will arrive with ingredients in separate paper bags, along with large, detailed recipe cards. It makes cooking each meal that little bit easier.

Cost: 2 People / 3 Meals at $68.00 + Shipping. 4 People / 5 Meals at $160.00 + Shipping

Delivers To: Most Metro & Regional areas across Australia.

Best For: Date nights, delicious meals, quality experience

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Lite n Easy – Healthy, Calorie Controlled Meals

Lite n Easy Featured Image

Type: Prepared Meals

Whilst not directly an alternative to EveryPlate, I do recommend Lite n Easy to anyone who wants to switch more towards a weight-loss service. These prepared meals are perfect for anyone who’s committing to a calorie deficit, with plenty of individual meals under 350 calories.

Convenience is incredibly important when you’re on a calorie-controlled diet as it stops those impulses dead in their tracks. It’s very easy to get a takeaway if the alternative is cooking for 30-40 minutes, but it’s much more difficult when your meal needs just a few minutes in the microwave to be ready to eat. Whenever I’m craving a takeaway, I can solve it with a quick look in the fridge and picking up a Lite n Easy meal.

Lite n Easy offers 1200, 1500 and 1800 calories plans to suit every dieter, with an incredible community of users who can help when times get tough.

Cost: 10 Meals are $11.40 each (+Shipping) and 21 Meals are just $10.40 each (+Shipping)

Delivers To: 24-hour delivery to most places in Australia.

Best For: Weight Loss

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Making the most of EveryPlate

There are plenty of reasons you might want to move away from EveryPlate, although it’s also worth considering whether some minor changes to your approach might make EveryPlate work for you.

EveryPlate for Singles – With meals being delivered for 2 or 4 people, it’s easy to be discouraged if you’re only cooking for yourself. However, I have found this to always be super helpful for meal kits as you can get away with cooking half as much. How? By making sure you’re cooking meals only once and reheating them for the next evening. Check out my article on the best meal kits for singles for more help on the best ways to do this.

Ingredient Problems – Unfortunately, fresh ingredients are tricky things to manage at a large scale for companies like HelloFresh (and therefore EveryPlate). The trick is to be aware of this and treat every ingredient with the respect it deserves. Get your meat and veggies in the fridge as quickly as possible, store the herbs right and use a cupboard/pantry that doesn’t get too warm. Discover my top tips for looking after meal kit ingredients.

Too Expensive – Unfortunately, there aren’t any cheaper options than EveryPlate available. To save some more money, we highly recommend using our Meal Kit Method that could save you over $1500 a year whilst still getting meal kits delivered every week. This method simply takes advantage of the regular offers that each meal kit service offers to existing customers.

Get on to Live Chat – I’ve never had any problems using EveryPlate, so I’ve not had to contact their support team before. However, the feedback from regular users of EveryPlate is that their Live Chat team are very responsive and supportive. They will always be able to provide credit for any missing or incorrect ingredients.

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