Best Alcohol Advent Calendars

Best Wine, Beer & Spirit Advent Calendars in Australia (2022)

It’s nearly Christmas again!

2022 has been the year of re-opening, after the constant lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 in Australia. It’s been a a year opportunity to return to some normality (like travel) and re-find our favourite pleasures in life.

So, what better way to celebrate and count down to Christmas with a boozy advent calendar? If you’re into spirits, beer or wine, we’ve got some great recommendations for you.

If you’re in the festive spirit but are too late to order an alcoholic advent calendar, you might want to try de-stressing Christmas meals with the best Christmas dinner kits in Australia.

What’s a Boozy Advent Calendar?

We’re all familiar with advent calendars, celebrating the Advent period as we all reflect in the lead up to Christmas. 25 days of windows to open and find a small treat inside.

Most advent calendars are filled with the same old disappointingly tiny chocolate pieces that get boring after a few days. This means a lot of adults don’t even bother with the tradition of advent calendars anymore.

Well, that all changes with an alcohol-filled advent calendar. Celebrate in style by opening up a new bottle of wine, beer or spirits each day and really get yourself into the holiday spirit.

There’s really nothing like preparing for the summer Christmas holidays by sipping your way through an alcoholic journey and bringing the joy back to the advent calendar tradition.

Adults only. Obviously!

Whisky Loot and Gin Loot Advent Calendars

Liquor Loot – Gin & Whisky Calendars

Type: Gin / Whisky Advent Calendars

Prepare yourself.

Liquor Loot have gone BIG with their boozy selection in 2022. Their extremely popular Whisky advent calendars are now matched with Gin advent calendars and even a special mixed calendar. Forget having “just 12 days” of celebrations, there are a whopping 24 tasting bottles in each calendar.

Each day gets you a 30ml taster in a premium glass bottles (great for reusing!) and promises no repeat spirits. That means you can try 24 different varieties of whisky and/or gin over the course of one exceptional month.

Here are their offerings:

These come in absolutely stunning boxes and give you 24 days of exciting surprises. Unsurprisingly, these sell out very quickly and go on sale on Monday 27th September. Missed the boat? Check out our Whisky Loot review or Gin Loot review for their regular discovery boxes.

Good Pair Days 12 Wines of Christmas

Good Pair Days – 12 Days of Wine Advent Calendar

Type: Wine Advent Calendar

I don’t hold back in my review of Good Pair Days, they are definitely my favourite wine subscription service here in Australia. They’re fun, quirky, have fantastic recommendations and have a great selection of different wines. I don’t get my wines from anywhere else.

Every year, they bring out their famous boozy advent calendar that brings you 12 full-sized bottles of wine. Alright, so it’s not quite a 25-day advent calendar but who drinks 25 bottles of wine in a month anyway? 12 is more than enough to make sure you’re happily sipping your way into the festive period.

Their premium wine selection comes in at 3 cost tiers:

  • Classic – $295
  • Fancy – $495
  • Extra Fancy– $895

I’m not saying $895 is expensive for 12 bottles of wine… but I’ll personally be sticking with the Classic box. My only advice is to be quick, Good Pair Days always sell out of their wine advent calendar within a few weeks of launching in October.

The Beer Drop Craft Beer Advent Calendar

The Beer Drop – Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Type: Beer Advent Calendar

Of course, it’s not just wine and spirits where you can enjoy an exciting new tipple every day during Christmas. I already love The Beer Drop for their commitment to independent craft breweries here in Australia, offering some incredible cases throughout the year.

This year, they’ve stepped up to the plate with 2 choices of craft beer advent calendar containing 24 different craft beers. You even get a daily video sent to you each day introducing the beer from the brewery themselves.

I snuck a peek at some of the breweries that have supplied this advent calendar and let me tell you, I’m so excited! Some of my favourite breweries are involved and this is bound to make December the best month of the year.

Master of Malt Boozy Advent Calendars

Master of Malt – Boozy Advent Selection

Type: Spirit Advent Calendars

With the best variety and selection available in Australia, you’ll definitely find an advent calendar you want with Master of Malt. There are a wide selection of Whisky and Gin calendars, as well as the more quirky Rum and Vodka calendars with 24 different drams available to brighten up your festive season.

The only downside is that these are all shipped in from outside Australia, so you’ll need to pay delivery and import taxes on your purchase. Even with this charge, you can still find good value. Here are some sample base prices:

  • Whisky Explorer Advent Calendar (24x30ml) – $214.34
  • Premium Gin Advent Calendar (24x30ml) – $142.87
  • Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (24x30ml) – $142.87
  • Rum Advent Calendar (24x30ml) – $214.34

On average, shipping and taxes will cost you $45. It sounds a lot, but the comparatively low advent calendar price still keeps the total cost very reasonable.

Kent Street Cellars 24 Days of Rum

Kent Street Cellars – 24 Days of Rum

Type: Rum Advent Calendar

A fantastic, independent bottle shop, Kent Street Cellars are based in NSW and deliver across Australia. This year, they’re offering a special run-based advent calendar including 24 drams of rum (20ml) from the Dominican Republic.

Arriving in a stunningly presented box, this is the perfect advent treat for anyone who enjoys a taste of the Caribbean. The box costs $199 with the option to get it gift-wrapped as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I order my 2022 boozy advent calendar?

Most calendars are made available from late September to mid October. You’ll generally be able to sign up to be notified when they come available, as a lot of these advent calendars sell out very quickly (especially Good Pair Days).

How are alcohol advent calendars delivered?

Most advent calendars will come with free delivery when shipped from within Australia. You will need to be available for delivery as the courier may ask for proof of ID and there’s no way they can push it through your letterbox!

What should I do if all the advent calendars are out of stock?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a boozy advent calendar in November/December, it’s likely a lot of them will be out-of-stock. If that’s the case, then I highly recommend creating your own advent calendar! Easiest with wine and beer, ask a friend to pick out 12 different products and store them hidden in a wine rack/beer carrier covered with a number for each day. It’s such a fun activity to do as a couple as well.

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