HelloFresh vs EveryPlate | Complete Meal Kit Comparison Australia (2024)

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The most important thing you need to know is that EveryPlate are 100% owned by HelloFresh. That means we’re comparing two competing services from the same company.

It’s still worthwhile comparing EveryPlate and HelloFresh though, because the two services try to target different customers with a different experience and price point.

EveryPlate is the ‘low-cost’ subsidiary of HelloFresh, offering a simpler meal kit experience whilst maintaining great ingredient quality. They both fundamentally offer a weekly box of ingredients that can be cooked up into tasty meals at home, so this begs the question, “Which one is better for me?

This review aims to answer that question, helping you work out which meal kit service is right for you. I’ll provide a brief synopsis of each service here, however you can also read my full reviews of HelloFresh and EveryPlate.

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Comparing EveryPlate and HelloFresh

Best Tasting
Best Value
Price Per Serve
Price Per Serve
$8.25 - $11.67
$4.44 - $8.00
Calories Per Serve
Calories Per Serve
Delivers To
Delivers To
Australia-Wide (exc. NT and TAS)
Weekly Options
Weekly Options

HelloFresh vs EveryPlate: Offering

Let’s start by summarising the offerings from both HelloFresh and EveryPlate to understand their similarities and differences.

HelloFresh Offering

Service Options – With HelloFresh, you get the option of receiving meals for either 2, 4, or 6 people across 2, 3, 4 or 5 meals a week.

Meal Variety – The variety of recipes available each week gives you around 38 different unique meals to choose from, including at least 4 vegetarian and 4 plant-based meals. HelloFresh also offer ‘Gourmet‘, ‘Fast & Fancy’ and ‘Taste Tours’ options for an additional cost each week. You can see what meals will be available in the next month with their online menu.

Meal Customisation – HelloFresh allows some customisation of selected meals each week. Examples include switching out meat for a plant-based protein, adding additional cheese, doubling your protein quantity.

Delivery Options – HelloFresh deliver to all Metro areas in Australia, including Perth. Deliveries are made on every day of the week, however this can vary depending on the state/postcode you live within. All orders must be finalised within 4 – 6 days of your delivery date.

Additional Extras – HelloFresh also offer the ability to add on Sides, Fruit Boxes, Soups, and Snacks. You are also able to add ‘prepared meals’ from YouFoodz.

HelloFresh Delivery Box with Ready Meals
One of my HelloFresh delivery boxes

EveryPlate Offering

Service Options – EveryPlate have a wide range of sizes available, with boxes for 2, 4 or 6 people. These come with between 3 – 6 meals each week. This makes EveryPlate one of the most flexible services available for larger families.

Meal Variety – In contrast to HelloFresh, EveryPlate are offering 27 recipes every week. These meals seem to return on the weekly menu quite regularly so there isn’t a lot of variety available. You’ll find an average of 5 to 6 different vegetarian options available each week, so EveryPlate can be suitable for anyone on a plant-based diet.

Meal Customisation – EveryPlate do offer some customisation across their menu, similar to HelloFresh. Options include increasing the amount/upgrading the protein source, switching between meat and plant-based alternatives, or adding extra vegetables.

Delivery Options – EveryPlate are continuing to expand their delivery network every few months, so they are now able to deliver to significant parts of NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, WA and NT. If you live in a rural area, it’s worth checking to see if you’re eligible for delivery.

Additional Extras – As part of their standard menu, EveryPlate offer some YouFoodz prepared meals alongside a regular fruit box, soups, smoothies, and desserts.

Inside my EveryPlate review box
One of my EveryPlate delivery boxes

HelloFresh vs EveryPlate Comparison

There are a few key differences to call out between these two services:

  • Recipe Complexity – Whilst EveryPlate recipes are simple, they do still deliver strongly on flavour. However, with HelloFresh you get more ingredients per meal and this generally leads to a more rounded flavour to your dishes.
  • Meal Variety– HelloFresh provides significantly more variety each week, which means you’re more likely to be able to select meals you’ll enjoy.
  • Meals Per Week – HelloFresh are able to go as low as 2 meals per week, compared to EveryPlate’s lowest option of 3 meals. However, EveryPlate offer a 6 meal box that’s larger than HelloFresh who offer at most 5 meals each week.

Overall, the two services are very similar, with HelloFresh standing out as the premium options by offering more complex, adventurous recipes.

HelloFresh vs EveryPlate : The Food

Now you’re clear on what you’re receiving, it’s important to talk about the end result – how good will the food be? This definitely comes down to a lot of personal preference, but hopefully I can give you a good idea about what you’ll receive with both meal kits.

The ingredients I have received with both meal kits have always been of equal high quality and freshness, which is to be expected when they’re sharing a supply chain.

HelloFresh Meals

IngredientsIngredients arrive in separate paper bags for each recipe, easily identifiable by a colour that matches one of the recipe cards. Where it makes sense, ingredients have been partially prepared e.g grated cheese. This means that you can get cooking immediately once you’ve decided which meal to cook.

Recipes – The recipes are exceptionally clear and easy to follow, making it very clear when you need to complete different parts of your meal. When a slightly more complex technique is required, the recipe also provides helpful hints & tips on how to complete it. I find the large cards incredible easy to read and it gives HelloFresh lots of space to provide useful information.

End Result – I have been exceptionally impressed with every dish I have tried from HelloFresh, managing to easily create restaurant-quality food that tastes fantastic. With the recipes being very simple to follow and taking between 30 – 45 minutes, it’s been quite surprising to be able to create such great tasting meals. If I have friends round, I always make sure I have a HelloFresh recipe on hand to impress them with.

Hello Fresh Meal Examples
Examples of HelloFresh meals

EveryPlate Meals

Ingredients – I was very impressed by the ingredient quality from EveryPlate, which was far better than you might expect from a low cost meal kit service. They all arrive in a jumble within your delivery box, so it can take a bit of sleuthing to find the right ingredients for each meal. Whilst you are expected to provide some standard pantry ingredients, these were all fairly standard across the industry (vinegar, oil, butter etc.) so it’s clear that EveryPlate haven’t skimped on providing lots of great ingredients.

Recipes – The recipes come printed on small (A3) pieces of card, which makes them slightly harder to read than the large HelloFresh recipes. However, I really appreciate the ability to read from (and keep!) printed recipe cards. In general, the recipes are well written and easy to follow, helped by the fairly simple meals you’re cooking. There were a few times I was confused with the order/timing of certain steps, likely due to the fact they need to squeeze the recipe onto the card.

End Result – I haven’t been blown away by any of the EveryPlate meals I’ve eaten. However, all the recipes I’ve tried have created tasty meals that I’d like to eat again. The clever use of some herbs and spices really help elevate some of the dishes, which is fantastic from a budget meal kit service. I was a little disappointed by the portion sizes in general, though I tend to eat big portions so I’m not very representative of our Australian population.

Sample EveryPlate Meals
Examples of EveryPlate Meals

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HelloFresh vs EveryPlate : The Cost

With these two services targeting very different part of the market, it’s no surprise to see their prices being quite different. How much money could you actually save by going with EveryPlate instead of HelloFresh? Check out their prices below.

I did a full analysis of costs across the meal kit industry but for this comparison I’m focussing on HelloFresh and EveryPlate.

Total price of a weekly meal kit


EveryPlate comes in, on average, 33% cheaper than HelloFresh. It’s hard to understate how big this difference is, which could save you thousands of dollars every year. For example, a couple who order 4 meals a week will pay $4,680 with HelloFresh but only $3,120 with EveryPlate.

That’s over $1,560 saved every single year.

Cost per portion comparison

As you’d expect, EveryPlate have cheaper portion costs across all box sizes. This is especially pronounced at the lower portion sizes where EveryPlate is a massive $3.67 cheaper per portion when ordering a 6 portion box. As you get to the larger boxes, that difference becomes less stark and HelloFresh becomes more appealing. At the 20 portion range, HelloFresh is just $2.25 more expensive.

Delivery Costs

$9.99 per Delivery$9.99 per Delivery

Unsurprisingly, they both have the same delivery costs. I assume this is because they use the same delivery company across most of their delivery areas.

Should I buy HelloFresh or EveryPlate?

The key difference for most people when comparing these two services is going to be budget. With EveryPlate, you are going to save a significant amount of money each week in comparison to HelloFresh. Although you might be choosing the budget option, you aren’t compromising on ingredient quality and still get the ability to cook tasty, nutritious meals. The only other area where EveryPlate beats HelloFresh is on providing 6 meal boxes that are useful for people who want to minimise their grocery shopping as much as possible.

In contrast, HelloFresh is going to cost you extra but in return you get more flavourful meals, better recipe cards and greater meal variety with the best meal kit service around. It’s also hugely beneficial that HelloFresh have a wider delivery area as well as providing options for vegetarian / family friendly meals. You can even make them more budget friendly by using our exclusive discount on your first four boxes.

These aren’t the only meal kits on the market. It’s also worth exploring your options with Dinnerly, Marley Spoon and Pepper Leaf. Check out my comparisons with the links below.

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