Expectations vs Reality

HelloFresh Meals: Expectations vs Reality

If you’re thinking of signing up to Hello Fresh, it’s very easy to be cynical when checking out their website and seeing all the beautifully presented meals cooked by professional chefs. Therefore, I wanted to test whether I can cook dishes up to look the same as the Hello Fresh meals marketing material. In the process, I’ll also let you know if the meals tasted as good as they looked – because that’s important, right?

Keeping Meal Kit Ingredients Fresh

Complete Guide To Keeping Your Meal Kit Ingredients Fresh

The nature of Meal Kits is that they send fresh ingredients, which is absolutely fantastic. However, this can mean that if ingredients aren’t stored right they won’t last the 5-6 days you need before you’ll cook that meal. This article will help you get the most of those meal kits and ensure you’re always cooking with ingredients that are as fresh as when they arrived.

Healthiest Meal Kit in Australia

Healthiest Meal Kit in Australia (Investigated)

Having tried many different Meal Kits, I understand that they are not all made equal. As a result, I wanted to examine whether some Meal Kits were healthier than others and to see which one is healthiest. To do this, I’m going to investigate 5 different dishes across the 3 major Meal Kit providers in Australia – Dinnerly, Marley Spoon and HelloFresh.

How Australian Food Box Services are helping during Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

This is a challenging time for everyone in Australia, with restrictions being placed on travel and social gatherings. The news has been dominated by stories of panic buying and stores running out of stock (toilet paper?!). I wanted to round up all the news from the major food delivery chains so you’re informed about what’s …

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Environmental Impact of a Food Boxes

Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Food Boxes 📦

Like many others, I often find myself feeling guilty about the amount of waste that gets thrown out of my house each day. This comes to life with my weekly food box delivery where all the packaging arrives at once. Throwing all of this away is damaging to the environment so I wanted to look at the best ways to minimise your impact and get creative with your waste.

10 Reasons Why Meal Kits Are Awesome

10 Reasons You Should Try Meal Kits

Here at Food Box Mate, we absolutely love Meal Kits. For those who have never tried one before, you sign up to a weekly subscription and receive a box on your doorstep containing fresh ingredients and recipes for you to cook healthy, exciting meals at home. Here are the top 10 reasons we think you should give them a go: