My Foodie Box Review

My Foodie Box Review (2024) with a qualified Nutritionist’s opinion

My Foodie Box are a Perth owned and operated meal kit delivery service, known for sourcing fresh produce directly from Western Australia. They’re well known for being ethically responsible and environmentally friendly.

In the last few years, a wide range of meal kit providers have expanded into Western Australia, including services like Dinnerly and HelloFresh. So, I tested a delivery box from My Foodie Box to see if they can compete with their much bigger competitors.

My Foodie Box Meal Kit Review

My Foodie Box Review Summary

A great Aussie business delivering WA-sourced ingredients to the Perth area. Tasty meals with super easy delivery options make this a solid meal kit service.

  • Ordering - Website - 9/10
  • Food - Quality - 9/10
  • Ordering - Meal Choice - 7/10
  • Food - Taste - 6/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 8/10
  • Value For Money - 7/10


  • 23 meal options each week (Classic Box)
  • Delicious, healthy meals.
  • Lots of delivery options.


  • Strange pricing system.
  • Limited options on the Family and Vegan boxes.

   Try My Foodie Box TodayExplore their menu & get fresh WA ingredients!

If you’re new to the world of meal kits, let me explain a little more about what My Foodie Box offer:

  • Weekly Personalised Ingredient Deliveries – Each week, you choose a set of meals and My Foodie Box deliver the raw ingredients to your front door. It’s then up to you to cook those ingredients into dinners for the week.
  • High Quality Seasonal Menu – Each week, My Foodie Box offers a new menu using seasonal ingredients sourced from farms around Western Australia.
  • Easy Delivery – There’s no need to be home when My Foodie box deliver, as their insulated box can keep food fresh for up to 8 hours (depending on how hot the day is).

This a fairly standard offering for a meal kit service, and we see My Foodie Box as being very comparable to the You Plate It service in Perth. You can check out our You Plate It review to compare the two services.

Getting Started with My Foodie Box

When signing up to My Foodie Box, you have the option to choose between their Classic Box (2 or 4 Adults) or their Family Box (2 Adults, 2 Children). It’s really useful to have an option to feed mouths that need less food, as the Family Box comes in a little cheaper than the 4-person classic box.

Each box allows you to choose either 3, 4 or 5 meals per week.

My Foodie Box service options - Classic Box or Family Box
The 2 main options for My Foodie Box

My Foodie Box also offer two interesting additional options.

Firstly, there’s a Vegan Box that is available for 3 or 4 meals per week. I share more about this a little later, but the vegan menu is quite limited which is likely the reason My Foodie Box don’t offer 5 meals per week with the Vegan Box.

Secondly, you can opt for a Mystery Box. Whilst this may sound really exciting, it’s essentially just the Classic Box but instead of choosing the meals yourself, you are delivered a random selection from that week’s menu. I’d recommend just opting for the Classic Box!

There’s no option to purchase a one-off box, so you would need to subscribe and cancel immediately if you only wanted a single box.

We found the website very simple to use and painless to get our account set up.

Meal Options Available

The My Foodie Box menu consists of 23 meals rotating every week. Whilst that doesn’t compare favourably against the major service like Marley Spoon offering 40+ meal choices, it’s still a reasonable amount of options where you’re always likely to find meals you like.

Strangely, My Foodie Box split their menu by the type of box, so you can find your options limited on some boxes. For example, the family box only has 12 – 14 options each week.

If you were eyeing up the Vegan Box, there are 7 options available each week. Compared to other services, that’s a reasonable range although I still think it could be improved.

Some of the options when I ordered included:

  • Miso Chicken Noodle Stir-Fry
  • Cheesy Beef and Corn Quesadillas
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Coconut Brown Rice
  • Feta and Corn Fritters with Creamy Avocado

Delivery Options

Delivery is always charged at a flat fee of $9.95. This is fairly standard across the industry and reflects the cost of transporting bulky delivery boxes in insulated vans.

My Foodie Box currently deliver to the Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs including the Mandurah area. If you’re outside of the Perth area, it’s worth checking out the other meal delivery services available in Australia.

I was impressed by the range of delivery options available, as I could select pretty much any day I wanted.

How Much Does My Foodie Box Cost?

Considering there are slightly varying costs depending on the box you selected, I’m going to share the costs for the Classic Box (also known as Chef Favourites). This is the box I’d recommend as it offers the most meal variety.

My Foodie Box Pricing

These costs mean that My Foodie Box fluctuates between $9 and $13.33 per portion.

There’s a unique quirk in the pricing that makes the 4 person box with 3 meals incredibly poor value compared to the larger 4 or 5 portion boxes. By going from 3 meals to 4 meals, you add 4 portions for just $5.50 each.

Overall, I feel the 2-person boxes are expensive, whilst the 4-person boxes with 4 or 5 meals per week are good value.

 Try My Foodie Box TodayExplore their menu & get fresh WA ingredients!

My ‘My Foodie Box’ Review Box

My Foodie Box sent reminder text messages and time updates for the delivery and delivered the box on time. Like with You Plate It, I was told I could leave the boxes out to be reused for future deliveries (which I love for sustainability)

My Foodie Box Delivery Package
My box from ‘My Foodie Box’

For this review, I opted for a 2 person, 5 meal box so I could really test ingredient quality, portion size and a variety of different meals. This means my box was absolutely packed full of ingredients!

My Foodie Box Delivery Inside Contents
My packaged ingredients colour-coded by meal

The produce and ingredients for each meal was separated into bags, except for the meats. They provided physical recipe cards with photos of each step and the nutrition information per serve. All of the produce was was in really good condition, a decent size and looked very fresh.

How’s The Food?

I ordered a variety of different meal types and protein types to give them all a try. When trying each meal for this review, I’m mainly thinking about three primary factors: Cooking, Taste, and Portion Size.


The first recipe that I cooked was the ‘Oven-Baked Chicken Kiev’. I did have a slight error when cooking this as the instructions said “add (half/whole) pack of cream” and as the cream came in a small packet, I assumed it was already a halved amount. Writing this afterwards I realise this was a bit silly, but at the time I was confused so went with what I thought it was. It shows how hard it is to write perfect recipes!

Baked Chicken Kiev Ingredients
The ingredients for my Baked Chicken Kiev

It was only whilst cooking the beans and seeing how much liquid there was, I realised I had made an error! Despite it seeming logical now, I do think they should add a note highlighting that if you purchase the 2 person box, that you need to use the ½ option when an ingredients is in brackets. 

For the rest of the meals I followed the instructions to a tee and had no errors! The recipe cards were simple to follow (despite my first mishap) and provided enough detail to know how to do each step without being overwhelming.


Other than the ‘creamy white bean saute’ in the chicken kiev, where I made the cooking error, most of the meals were really delicious! They were packed full of flavour, without being too intense or over powering. Even simple things like the salads I ordered were delicious.

Portion Sizes

For reference, I am a medium sized active female and I found the portion sizes to be on the larger side, but not as over the top as some other meal kits (e.g. You Plate it).

For 3 out of the 5 meals I was able to make 3 large main meal sizes serves. For the other two meals (“Cheesy Corn and Red Bean Quesadilla” and “Pepper and Thyme Steak”) I had two very large portions, but not quite enough to make 3 serves.

Overall I found the meals to be very filling and think they would be more than adequate for people with big appetites too

Dishes I Loved

  • Cheesy Corn and Red Bean Quesadilla
  • Pan-Fried Salmon
  • Pepper & Thyme Steak

Dishes I Wouldn’t Recommend

  • Asian Sesame Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

Nutritional Analysis of My Foodie Box

Unfortunately there was no information on the amount of sodium or fibre in the recipes, which is a bit disappointing and makes things difficult for people trying to make health conscious choices. 

The calories in the meals ranged from 471-1207 kcal per serving. This is a huge variation, with the most energy dense meal (Quesadilla) being almost 2.5 times the amount of calories an average adult needs in a main meal. 

  • The saturated fat content was great for 3 out of the 5 meals, with the other 2 unfortunately being three times the ideal amount of >6g of saturated fat per serve. 
  • All meals were considered high protein, with protein amounts ranging from 38-65g per serve. 
  • The carbohydrate content of the meals were great, apart from the Quesadilla which was quite high (143g per serve)

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of vegetables in these meals! Other than the Quesadilla each meal had 3 serves of vegetables, which is fantastic and this is much higher than other meal kit services.

What isn’t included?

As is standard with all meal kit delivery services, My Foodie Box ask that you provide some standard ‘pantry‘ ingredients alongside their provided kits. These are the ingredients that they might ask you to have:

  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Vinegar (Red Wine, White Wine and Balsamic)

My Overall Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the meals from My Foodie Box. They were tasty and, importantly, they were very healthy (Quesadilla aside) with plenty of vegetables in each recipe. This means that My Foodie Box can seamlessly fit in with anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet.

Ordering online is a breeze, with enough meal variety to stop you getting bored too quickly. Plus, I love the environmentally friendly and sustainable approach that My Foodie Box is embracing. Knowing that I’m eating from WA-sourced ingredients is a great bonus.

However, it isn’t all perfect. Some of the options result in an expensive box of food, especially when you factor in delivery costs. Then you have the relatively limited options available on the Family and Vegan boxes.

If you’re looking for a locally-sourced meal kit in Perth, this is a great option and compares favourably to other services in the area. I recommend you give My Foodie Box a try.

Try My Foodie Box TodayExplore their menu & get fresh WA ingredients!

Competing Services

The most similar service available currently would be You Plate It. They are a very similar service to My Foodie Box, delivering fresh locally sourced ingredients from within Western Australia.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with My Foodie Box – were they similar to mine? Did you find my My Foodie Box review useful? Let me know in the comments section below!

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