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Independent Dinnerly Review – Simple Budget Meals for Australians (2024)

If you’ve heard about meal kits but always worried about the extra cost, then Dinnerly is a service you need to know about. Launched in 2017 and owned by Marley Spoon, Dinnerly offers a budget-friendly, no-frills Australian meal kit.

It’s been a few years since I first tested Dinnerly, and I’m always excited to keep ordering Dinnerly because the low cost per portion (as low as $5.50) is really compelling for people working to a budget or feeding a large family.

However, it’s reasonable to have concerns about the ingredient quality and portion size with a cheap meal kit. Is it even worth getting a Dinnerly meal kit delivered?

This Dinnerly review aims to discover whether they provide a good value option or if it’s worth spending the extra money for other meal kits.

Dinnerly Meal Kit Review


Dinnerly manages to deliver a strong value proposition based on simple recipes and quality ingredients, these boxes are perfect for anyone looking to save a few dollars.

  • Ordering - Website - 7/10
  • Food - Quality - 7.5/10
  • Ordering - Meal Choice - 5/10
  • Food - Taste - 7/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 7/10
  • Value For Money - 9/10


  • Very affordable pricing for 2-4 people, great for anyone on a tight budget.
  • Doesn’t compromise on ingredient quality.
  • Great 55+ weekly recipe variety.


  • Recipes can be difficult to follow due to confusing instructions.
  • Portion sizes are quite inconsistent.
  • Requires you to keep a large stock of staple ingredients.

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Dinnerly offers either a 2 or 4 person box with between 2 and 6 meals per week for their budget meal kit service. Simple choose which meals you want to eat and wait for your delivery day to arrive. Each delivery includes all the raw ingredients you need to cook up all your selected meals.

There are two major differences between Dinnerly and other meal kits on the market that you should know about upfront.

  1. They don’t provide any physical recipe cards so you need to rely on the digital recipe.
  2. They don’t provide quite a wide range of staple pantry ingredients such as Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Garlic etc. so you will need to venture out to the supermarket in order to make your meals.

Getting Started with Dinnerly

Signing up with Dinnerly is a breeze. Start by simply selecting the size of your box, then the number of meals you want each week. Since I first reviewed Dinnerly, they’ve added options for as low as 2 and up to 6 meals per week which is a great addition.

Dinnerly’s sign up page

Entering your address and payment details completes the first order – you can then edit your meal choices up to 7 days before your delivery day. Subscriptions are completely flexible so they can be cancelled easily, however be aware that you must cancel at least 7 days before your delivery date.

You’re able to set your meal selections up to 4 weeks ahead so it’s super easy to plan your weeks. Dinnerly even ask for your flavour preferences so the site can suggest default meals. This means that even if you forget to choose your meals, you’re quite likely to get food you’ll like!

You can preview the menu for the next 4 weeks on their website before you order. This might help you get a sense of whether you’ll like the food on offer.

Exploring Dinnerly’s Menu

Each week, Dinnerly provide a rotating list of 55+ recipes. This is an insane amount of options and variety, making it easy to find meals you’ll love. That includes around 15 different vegetarian meals, making Dinnerly a good option for plant-based dieters.

It’s important to set your expectations with Dinnerly food as most of their meals only have 6 or 7 ingredients. As a result, they are limited to fairly simple dishes and this really shows with the meal options available.

I don’t always see this as a negative though, as simpler dishes are often quicker and easier to cook. It’s hard to argue against saving both money and time.

Sample Dinnerly Recipe Options

I think the options available align Dinnerly with dishes that you would cook up normally at home rather than some of the more expansive, experimental dishes offered by their competitors like HelloFresh and Marley Spoon.

Some of the options available when I ordered included:

  • Veggie Risotto
  • Mongolian Lamb Stir Fry
  • Spanish Beef Meatballs
  • Chicken & Veggie Soup
  • Chorizo Shakshuka
  • Cheesy Tex-Mex Pork Nachos

For those with special diets, Dinnerly clearly labels meals as “no added gluten” (around 20 meals a week) and “dairy free” (around 30 meals a week). Annoyingly, you can’t filter on these options so you have to scroll through the list and spot recipes that have these labels.

If you have any other preferences or intolerances, the ingredients of each dish are made very clear so you can organise your meals around your requirements and make substitutions where necessary.

Check out Dinnerly’s Upcoming Menu

I was very impressed by the range of meals on offer with Dinnerly. Although the menu is full of very simple dishes, you could easily go a long time without having a repeating meal. This is likely a direct result of the large supply chain they have access to with their owners at Marley Spoon.

Customising Dinnerly Meals

Similar to Marley Spoon, Dinnerly allow you to customise some of their meals. Customisation is only available on selected meals, and generally involves switching out a single ingredient. Some examples include:

  • Doubling the quantity of an ingredient.
  • Switching between meat and plant-based ingredients.
  • Switching to low-calorie alternatives.

Most switches are free of charge, but some (such as doubling an ingredient) do incur a small surcharge per portion.

Switching between Plant-based mince and pork mince on Dinnerly's Korean plant-based mince stir-fry
Switch to pork mince on a plant-based meal
Adding Bacon for $1.49 on an Aussie Classic Beef Pie
Add bacon to this meal for an extra $1.49 per portion

Around 20% of Dinnerly meals are customisable, which I’d like to see them expand to all meals. Another current limitation is that you can only select the customisation options they provide, which is often just one element per meal.

Saver Meals From Dinnerly

Dinnerly pride themselves on offering great value meals on a budget. Even knowing that, I was surprised to see them offering some meals at a reduced cost per portion. On top of a discount (like our exclusive new customer discount), this makes Dinnerly incredibly cheap.

Titled ‘Saver’, there are 5 recipes each week that are priced at -$1.00 to -$1.50 per portion.

Of course, there’s a good reason these are ‘saver’ recipes. They often use cheaper cuts of meat (or no meat), plus they ask you to provide some additional store cupboard ingredients. I’ve seen ‘saver’ recipes that don’t provide ingredients like eggs, garlic, and tomato paste that would be included with other meal kits.

An example Saver menu from Dinnerly
The type of meals available on the ‘Saver’ menu

The Marketplace by Dinnerly

Since early 2023, Dinnerly have also offered the ability to add ‘market’ ingredients and meals to your order. These are delivered in your weekly box along with all the other ingredients.

A lot of the recipes available are from ChefGood’s meal range because both Dinnerly and ChefGood are both owned by Marley Spoon. We’ve also reviewed ChefGood and thoroughly enjoyed their meals, though at $12 per portion they’re quite expensive compared to Dinnerly’s meals.

There are also some interesting options for easy snacks, side dishes, lunches, and desserts. You’ll find significant crossover between Dinnerly and Marley Spoon’s marketplaces.

Drinks are available from companies like Press’d, Naked Life, and Remedy which provides an interesting range to choose from.

When I compared Dinnerly marketplace prices to supermarket prices, it was often around 10% more expensive to purchase from Dinnerly. There’s the added convenience of getting the food delivered as part of your already scheduled delivery, but I’m not convinced this justifies the extra cost.

Delivery Options

Dinnerly has the ability to deliver almost anywhere in Australia (including Perth!) with a much wider range than most other food boxes. They charge $10.49 per delivery which I think is a little steep considering some of their boxes cost under $80.

This pricing is in line with competitors though, and it reflects the costs of refrigerated deliveries across Australia.

Normal delivery slots are listed from 12:00 AM – 07:00 AM, or 08:00 AM – 6:30 PM. Dinnerly have also started offering a brilliant timeslot between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM on selected delivery days in metro areas. Perfect for people who live in apartments and work during the day.

Selecting delivery dates on Dinnerly

You need to have confirmed your order 7 days in advance, which is quite a long time. Fortunately, this can be done 4 weeks in advance so it’s not too difficult.

How much does Dinnerly cost?

This is where Dinnerly really excels. I compared the prices for all meal kits across Australia and they come in at a significantly lower price than any other options except for EveryPlate. You’re able to get 6 meals for a family of 4 (that’s 24 portions) for just $131.76.

$5.49 per portion!

This makes it genuinely affordable for a vast majority of Australians and can really compete with purchasing the ingredients yourself from a supermarket. Here are the full costs:

PeopleMealsPrice (Exc. Delivery)Price per Serving
Dinnerly Pricing

However, there is a hidden cost to consider (aside from the delivery fee). That’s the requirement to buy your own additional ingredients, which range from white wine vinegar to garlic/ginger to barbecue sauce.

Whilst these ingredients have a low cost per portion, you often need to buy a whole bottle which you may not end up using. Even with these additional costs, Dinnerly are still by far the cheapest meal kit available (alongside EveryPlate), they just require an extra bit of planning/storage.

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My Dinnerly Review Box

My box arrived in the morning and was left on my front porch. I like the branding on these boxes, which include step-by-step instructions on what to do once you receive your box. The ingredients are packed separately, minimising the use of plastics where possible (e.g carrots), with the meats/cold items coming in a separate insulated compartment at the bottom of the box including a large ice block.

Dinnerly Box for Review
My Dinnerly Review Box

All the ingredients looked fresh and appealing, arriving in the right quantities. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the stock cubes were gluten-free – this is a really thoughtful and welcome touch to help cater for a wider range of people.

How’s The Food?

I was impressed by the flavour Dinnerly are able to create with such few ingredients, presenting multiple tasty meals that I would happily cook again. Often, the flavour comes from a spice packet or homemade sauce which is a solid base for cooking any recipe. This is a real positive because it means you don’t need to compromise on flavour with a lower cost option.

I also found that the quality of meat and vegetables was reasonably high, including a free-range chicken breast. There were no issues with food going off too quickly either, all ingredients lasting until the day that I cooked with them.

However, there were a couple of issues:

  1. Quantity – Even just within the box that we tested, there was significant variation in the portion size and how full each meal left me feeling. It gives the distinct impression that Dinnerly have a specific cost/dish that they budget for and they stop at the cost regardless of portion size. Ultimately, this can leave you disappointed.
  2. Recipe Clarity – This is really disappointing, as there is no cost saving associated with presenting difficult to follow recipes. I found that there were multiple occasions where you couldn’t understand if the recipe was referring to 1 or 2 portions, plus some strange ordering of instructions led to things being ready too soon or too late. This could easily be massively improved.

Ultimately, any home cook with moderate ability will be able to understand the recipe and cook from basic principles without much trouble. However, this might challenge some newer cooks who would want some clearer guidance.

Dishes We Loved

  • Chicken & Veggie Stew
  • Mongolian Lamb Stir-Fry

Dishes We Wouldn’t Recommend

  • Spanish Beef Meatballs (Small Portion)

Nutritional Analysis

Researchers at the University of Sydney have analysed the nutritional qualities of the biggest Australian meal kit subscription services, with the summarised results published below with permission from the original authors.

All values are ‘per each recommended individual serving’.

DinnerlyHelloFreshMarley SpoonPepper Leaf
Food Groups (no. of serves)
Energy (kcal)704880690707
Protein (g)34.438.941.935.0
Total fat (g)34.853.430.332.2
Carbohydrate (g)
Sugars (g)14.917.010.910.7
Sodium (mg)8531426779866

This table shows that Dinnerly doesn’t compromise on portion sizes for the price, the amount of meat/vegetable you receive is comparable to every other service. Where Dinnerly is let down slightly, is the amount of sugar in their recipes. Fortunately, it’s often very easy to adjust recipes to keep the sugar content down.

Digging into the research, Dinnerly was highly praised for the percentage of grain servings that came from whole grains (60%). If you’re trying to increase the amount of whole grain in your diet, Dinnerly is a great option for you.

Thanks to Dr Alice Gibson and Dr Stephanie R Partridge of the University of Sydney for their research. If you want to read their paper, it can be found in the Nutrients journal.

A Qualified Nutritionist’s Dinnerly Review

Clare Keating - Registered Nutritionist
Clare Keating – Registered Nutritionist

The dissapointing nutritional aspects of Dinnerly are the high sodium, saturated fat content and energy-dense meals. On average, you’ll find around 853mg of sodium per meal compared to the recommended amount of <500mg. There’s also more than 50% of the recommended amount of saturated fat for your main meal of the day (9.6g vs >6g).

Additionally, the meals are nearly 300kcals above the recommended amount for what an average Australian adult requires (853kcal vs ~500kcal). This is equivalent to a large snack, so you could adust the rest of your daily food to account for having a larger dinner.

Fibre is very important for a healthy diet and Dinnerly ticks the box here, providing 10.7g per serve!! The meals also contain 2.6 serves of vegetables on average, which contributes to our daily 5 serves per day. This is a big win in my book as most Australians don’t reach the recommended number of serves of vegetables and having half at dinner can be a great help. 

To make Dinnerly a bit healthier I would try to use less salt when cooking and opt for salt-reduced pantry items like salt-reduced soy sauce.

Comparing Dinnerly to Grocery Shopping

With the primary selling point of Dinnerly being price, I wanted to see if it actually provided value versus purchasing the ingredients yourself. For this, I’m going to take 2 recipes – Chicken & Veggie Stew and Spanish Beef Meatballs. The following tables present the ingredients and their associated costs (2 portions) when purchased from Woolworths.

Chicken & Veggie Stew Cost Comparison

IngredientCost at Woolworths ($)Dinnerly Cost ($)
2 Chicken Stock Cubes0.28Included
125g Brown Rice0.31Included
1 Large Free-Range Chicken Breast3.50Included
1 Bunch Pak Choy2.50Included
1 Sweet Potato1.25Included
2 Carrots0.74Included

Spanish Beef Meatballs Cost Comparison

IngredientCost at Woolworths ($)Dinnerly Cost ($)
70g Mixed Salad Leaves1.15Included
100g Greek-style Yoghurt0.76Included
5g Spanish Spice Blend0.15Included
Beef Mince3.75Included
1 Red Onion0.53Included
250g Butternut Pumpkin1.25Included

Whilst this is a very low sample size and ingredient costs can change significantly by location or quantity, this research suggests that Dinnerly costs an extra $4.08 per portion than purchasing ingredients yourself. That’s arguably a very small price to pay for the convenience and variety you get with a meal kit.

The Dinnerly App

As Dinnerly don’t provide recipe cards, they ask that you follow recipes either in the browser or on their app. I wanted to give their app a twirl so downloaded it to my iPad and followed all the recipes from there. I would rate the app as ‘usable’ based on it providing readable recipes but not doing it very well.

Firstly, the app doesn’t have a horizontal mode so it forces you to use it vertically – this makes sense on a phone but much less so on a tablet. Secondly, the recipes have incredibly large, useless drawings meaning you’re constantly having to scroll up and down with mucky hands.

Dinnerly app with large pictures
That’s a giant 1…

I was also left disappointed with the amount of nutritional information provided with the meals, only providing Energy, Fat, Carbs and Protein. This isn’t really enough in this day and age to help people manage their diets properly. I hope Dinnerly can improve their nutritional details soon.

Dinnerly Limited Nutritional Information
Limited nutritional information provides on Dinnerly’s menu

Australian Meal Kit Survey 2023

Dinnerly failed to win any awards during our recent independent survey of meal kit users in Australia. With an overall rating of 3.56 out of 5, Dinnerly came in 3rd place and scored respectably across all categories.

Just like last years survey, they fell short for best ‘value for money’ meal kit, narrowly losing out to EveryPlate.

My Overall Thoughts

I’ve given Dinnerly an overall rating of 7.1 which I think is a fair representation of the overall experience based on simple meals, the need to buy additional ingredients and the relatively poor instructions.

However, it’s important to recognise that I also think Dinnerly does a fantastic job of providing incredible value with their Meal Kits. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dinnerly to anyone who’s looking to save money whilst still eating fresh, nutritious meals.

With such a low cost per portion, these meals will help anyone stick to a budget along with discovering new foods, ingredients and cooking techniques.

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Have you already tried Dinnerly? What did you think of their low-cost meal kits? Let me know in the comments section below.

Competitor Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dinnerly a good service?

Dinnerly is definitely a budget service, offering simple meals that are quick and easy to cook. It’s perfect for families, anybody on a budget or people who don’t enjoy spending hours cooking. You won’t get restaurant-quality food, but that’s ok! They call themselves the most affordable meal delivery service but have recently been topped by EveryPlate who offer slightly cheaper meals.

How is Dinnerly so cheap?

I get asked this question so often, I wrote a full post explaining all the ways Dinnerly cut back on the service to make it more affordable. It boils down to using fewer ingredients, getting rid of extras like paper recipes and offering less variety. This allows them to be half the price of other meal kit providers such as HelloFresh.

Is Dinnerly owned by Marley Spoon?

Yes! Dinnerly is the budget service provided by Marley Spoon. They’re around 35% cheaper but most of the ingredients are sourced from the same place. Check out my full comparison of Marley Spoon vs Dinnerly to find out more.

Can you lose weight on Dinnerly?

It is definitely possible to lose weight on Dinnerly, with meals having around 700 calories on average. To effectively lose weight, Dinnerly meals need to be part of a balanced diet and exercise routine. If you really want to lose weight, you could also explore services like Lite n Easy and Chefgood that deliver calorie-controlled ready meals.