Vitable Review

Our Extensive Vitable Review (2024) Is This Australian Personalised Vitamin Subscription Worth Subscribing To?

When I first heard about Vitable, I was intrigued about the proposition. They promise a personalised vitamin regime that will help you improve all manner of physical/mental issues. Can vitamins really be that helpful?

I hadn’t experimented with regularly taking vitamin capsules before, so I went ahead and bought myself a 1 month subscription to Vitable. In this Vitable review, I’ll share more about what they offer and my experience with their vitamin packs.

Disclaimer: Vitable provide supplemental vitamins designed to improve your health. I am not a qualified doctor and nothing in this review should be construed as medical advice. If you have any questions about whether certain tablets are suitable for you, please consult a medical professional.

Vitable Vitamin Subscription Box Review

Vitable - Review Summary

Vitable provide an engaging, interesting and convenient supply of vitamins designed to improve your health. In particular, the daily vitamin packs makes it easy to build taking vitamins into a regular habit.

  • Ordering - Website - 9/10
  • Products - Quality & Experience - 7/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 9/10
  • Value For Money - 7/10


  • Discover new ways to help your health.
  • Well-designed, eco-friendly packaging.
  • Free delivery and discount codes available.


  • Limited variety of vitamins available.
  • Comparatively expensive without a discount code.

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Who are Vitable?

Vitable is a Sydney-based business started in March 2019 by Ilyas Anane and Larah Loutati. Larah joined Vitable after spending a few years as Head of Product Development & Customer Experience at a Food Box Mate favourite, HelloFresh. With a background in delivering great subscription experiences, this experience bodes well for the success of Vitable.

As a company, Vitable promise to “support you in your unique health journey”, through “products specifically for you, based on your unique diet, lifestyle and health goals”. These are lofty goals and I’m excited to test whether the experience matches up to the promise.

Vitable Co-Founders, Ilyas Anane and Larah Loutati

The company is backed by a big European investor group who have also pushed The Iconic to become one of the most well-known clothing businesses in Australia. Fortunately, they have ensured that all the operations and ingredients are still sourced locally here in Australia.

What do Vitable offer?

Vitable support your ‘unique health journey’ by delivering a personalised vitamin pack that’s designed with your health goals in mind. Each vitamin pack comes in a monthly delivery, with a 30-day supply of vitamins.

The service is personalised through a lengthy online survey that digs into your goals, diet and lifestyle. One particularly important questions asks you which areas of your health you’re looking to improve. All the following questions then dig into the specific ways that vitamins can help you, such as boosting immunity or improving joint health.

The survey should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Vitable Vitamin Quiz

It’s also possible to create your own custom Vitamin pack, if you already know which products you want to receive each month.

Can Vitamins really help me get healthier?

There’s a lot of mixed research about the value of taking supplemental vitamins. Sources generally conclude that there’s no reduced risk of serious disease, however there is a recognition that some people will see significant benefits.

Overall, it is clear that taking vitamin tablets is more beneficial for anyone who suffers from long-term health conditions, is planning a pregnancy, eats a Vegan diet or is on long-term restrictive weight loss diets. Essentially, these Vitamins can help make up for any areas where you might be deficient.

How will you know if taking vitamins could help you? Well, Vitable gives you an easy way to try them out for a month. You can then see how you’re feeling after a month of taking Vitamins consistently. You might be surprised by the results!

How much does a Vitable subscription cost?

A Vitable subscription is built from the individual costs of the vitamins you’re recommended. Each vitamin has a monthly cost of between $9 and $29.

Having taken the quiz a few different times, they generally recommend 4-5 different vitamins to be taken every day. This gives an average total monthly cost of between $50 – $80, without any discounts applied.

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A little later on in the review, I compare the costs of Vitable against purchasing the same tablets from a nearby chemist.

Do Vitable charge for delivery?

Delivery is completely free for any orders over $30.

You’ll be able to order a box from anywhere in Australia, as well as New Zealand and Singapore.

Below a $30 order, they charge $9.95 for delivery but this is a charge I don’t think anyone would ever pay.

My Vitable subscription

After taking their health quiz, I was recommended 5 different Vitamins including Ashwagandha Plus, Curcumin and Vitamin D. Without being an expert on the vitamins available, I opted to purchase a box that included everything they recommended.

A few short days later, my Vitable box arrived at my door, shipped by Fastway.

Vitable Delivery Box
My Vitable box in all its glory

The box definitely isn’t small enough to fit through a letterbox, though it is small enough to hide if you want the delivery driver to leave it at your front door.

Inside the box, you’ll find a leaflet providing information about the tablets as well as a cardboard ‘dispenser’.

Inside a Vitable Box
Vitable’s daily packets and their dispenser

I wasn’t expecting how convenient the packaging would end up being. Inside your ‘dispenser’ is 30 individual vitamin packs, one for each day of your subscription. This makes it really easy to know what you should be taking every single day.

SInce my review, Vitable have moved fully towards recyclable packaging. Therefore, the plastic packets you can see in my pictures are no longer being used which is amazing.

Vitable talk a lot about creating a habit out of taking the vitamins. By having a single packet for each day, it becomes really easy to store them somewhere easy to reach.

Vitable Vitamin Packets
Vitable packets personalised to me

Taking the Vitable vitamins

One of the major lessons I learnt from taking 5 vitamins a day is… that I hate swallowing tablets! This can’t be a unique problem for just me, so I was disappointed to find that Vitable provide no advice/guidance on the best way to take the vitamins without it feeling uncomfortable. If you’re not a fan of taking tablets, then a Vitable subscription may not be for you.

Did I feel any better after 30 days?

Yes and No. It’s sometimes difficult to attribute positive changes to one specific factor, but I definitely found that I had more energy and less stress after a month of taking these tablets. As I talked about earlier, they are definitely going to impact different people in different ways.

Important Regulatory Note: “Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins and/or supplements should not replace a balanced diet.”

Is a Vitable subscription good value?

Most people who take vitamins regularly, will buy them at a shop like Chemist Warehouse. So, it felt appropriate to compare the cost of a Vitable subscription with the cost of those same tablets at Chemist Warehouse.

TabletVitableChemist Warehouse
Ashwagandha Plus$16$9.99
Vitamin D$9$3.75
Probiotics SB$17$12.99

However, these comparisons aren’t particularly fair for two reasons:

  1. Most of the Chemist Warehouse options have a minimum order of 60 tablets, so you would need to commit for a longer period of taking the tablets.
  2. Vitable seem to have a model that relies heavily on providing consumer discounts, in particular a standard 25% discount on orders.

Let’s see what that does to the total cost of both options:

Vitable (No Discount)$77
Chemist Warehouse$49.71
Vitable (With 25% Discount)$57.75

This means you’re paying around 16% more for a Vitable subscription, which gives you the advantages of free shipping and daily vitamin packs. I personally think that’s worth paying the slight premium for your tablets.

Other things you should consider

I’m always happy to judge a subscription product on how easy it is to cancel. In this case, Vitable have made it really easy to indefinitely pause your subscription online so you won’t receive any more packs. This means you can easily stop orders if you ever change your mind.

You’ll also find there’s a really easy to use Vitable mobile app where you can manage your regular subscription.

Vitable offer gift cards of values between $45 and $180. These can be digitally send to a recipient of your choice, and would make a great wellness gift.

At the time of writing, Vitable have 27 vitamins on offer within their subscription. Without being a vitamin expert, this feels like a relatively small variety of products and may mean that recommendations aren’t fully targeted to your needs.

Should you buy a Vitable subscription?

At the very minimum, it’s definitely worth taking their health quiz to see what vitamins they recommend. This will give you a good sense around whether a regular vitamin supplement could improve your overall health.

The overall experience of purchasing a Vitable subscription is very polished, with an online system that makes managing your subscription very easy. The packaging is well designed and definitely helps make your vitamin habit very convenient. I enjoyed receiving my Vitable box and found that they made quite a dull topic very engaging.

The actual impact of taking these vitamins can be debated, however it’s going to end up being very personal. The only way to know if Vitable can help you achieve your health goals is to give them a try!

Get Personalised Recommendations With Vitable's Free Health QuizThen, use code FOODBOXMATE40 for a 40% Discount Sitewide

I hope you found this Vitable review useful. If you’ve given Vitable a try, let me know what you thought down in the comments below!