Mr Consistent Review

We Drank So Many Cocktails For This Mr. Consistent Review (2024). Should You Buy These Premade Cocktail Mixers?

Who loves cocktails?

If you answered ‘no’ to that question, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

For everyone else, I’m really excited to be reviewing Mr Consistent’s cocktail mixers. They promise at-home cocktails made consistently even with zero cocktail-making experience.

I was left picturing getting home after a long day, and being able to make a Margarita in 2 minutes without having to worry about getting fresh limes first.

Do Mr Consistent deliver a great cocktail experience? Let’s find out.

Mr Consistent Review Summary

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers - Review Summary

These mixers deliver on their promise to consistently create delicious cocktails, allowing you to spend more quality time with friends. Just bring glasses and spirits.

  • Ordering - Website - 7/10
  • Products - Quality & Experience - 9/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 8/10
  • Value For Money - 8/10


  • Easily produce consistent cocktails.
  • Used by bars (the same cocktails you spend $20 for!)
  • Can be made alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
  • Delivered anywhere in Australia.


  • 125ml cocktails feel small without the right glass size.
  • Hard to customise the taste to personal preference.

Check Out Mr Consistent's Current MixersExplore the range to get perfect cocktails every time.

Who are Mr Consistent?

Mr Consistent is the brainchild of 3 blokes from the Gold Coast: Jeremy, Mikey, and Jarrad. Each have worked in different bars across Brisbane and GC over the last 20 years, where the idea for Mr Consistent came about.

It’s developed from the concept that “Mr. Consistent can be anyone”. That anybody who picks up a cocktail mix will make a drink to the same standard, regardless of their experience.

Each bottle is still mixed and packaged in Burleigh Heads, so this is a true local Aussie brand. In fact, they provide mixers to hundreds of bars across Australia. You may have had a Mr Consistent cocktail before without knowing.

Mr Consistent Logo - Character
Meet Mr Consistent…

What do Mr Consistent offer?

Cocktails mixers, just add alcohol. It’s a very simple proposition.

Each bottle of Mr Consistent contains 750ml of pre-made cocktail mix, enough to make 10 individual cocktails. Be aware there are some exceptions, like the Bloody Mary mix which only makes 6 cocktails.

There are 15 flavours available on their standard menu, but they’re constantly releasing specials and improving their range, so it’s always worth checking out their website.

The 15 core cocktails I’ve listed below sorted into rough categories (correct at the time of publishing!):


  • Original
  • Waterboy
  • Coconut
  • Chilli


  • French
  • Espresso
  • Lychee
  • Pash Inn (Pornstar)


  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Classic Lime


  • Cosmopolitan
  • Bloody Mary
  • Sours
  • Stitch Up (Pineapple & Mandarin Sours)

Everything can be bought online directly through their website (or stocked in Dan Murphy’s!). However, I must admit I find the online shop quite difficult to navigate.

It’s possible to buy individual bottles, but most of the shop is organised into “packs” where they have pre-bundled different bottles (or many of the same bottle) together. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to filter through these to find one that’s right for you.

Example of a Mr Consistent ‘pack’ for Margarita Essentials

Some packs allow you to customise the selection, whilst others are only available with the pre-selected cocktail mixes.

Eventually, I found a few different packs that allowed me to try as many different cocktail mixers as possible. I made my order and waited for the good times to roll.

 Check Out Mr Consistent's Current MixersExplore the range to get perfect cocktails every time.

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My Mr Consistent Review Box

It’s rare that I’m so excited for a delivery, but that’s the effect of the idea of Mr Consistent. I was looking forward to exploring different cocktails at home with friends.

My box was actually two boxes taped together for delivery. The boxes are nicely branded albeit the amount of tape they used does take away from the branding.

Mr Consistent Box - Front
The front of a Mr Consistent box
Mr Consistent Box - Side
The sides of a Mr Consistent box

White boxes are an interesting choice as well because they tend to get very dirty during transit. I’m not here to review the boxes though, I’m here to see what’s inside.

Opening the first box, I find 6 ‘wine’-shaped bottles with the caps branded with the green colour of Mr Consistent. Each contains an intriguing and invitingly bright mixer.

Secure Packaging in Mr Consistent Delivery
A smart packaging insert to prevent damage during shipping.

I fully opened both boxes and pulled all the bottles out. Thanks to the inserts, all bottles had survived shipping with no marks or scratches.

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers
All of my mixers neatly lined up, ready for making delicious cocktails

I had to wait a few days, but it wasn’t long until I was able to start making some cocktails.

Making the Cocktails

Most of the cocktails can be made in just a few simple steps:

  1. Add ice to cocktail shaker.
  2. Add 75ml of cocktail mix.
  3. Add 50ml of your chosen spirit.
  4. Shake for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Pour out into a glass.
  6. Enjoy.

It’s worth expanding on a couple of those points.

Firstly, having a cocktail shaker isn’t 100% necessary, but is useful to enjoy the best experience. Using the shaker makes sure your mixer / spirit are fully combined and chills your drink before serving.

Secondly, these drinks are STRONG. 40% of each drink is spirit, making them taste quite alcoholic. If that’s not your style, you can ‘weaken’ them by adding a bit of water.

Lastly, how you prepare your glass has a huge effect on the experience. When you go to a bar, it’s common to have garnishes, salted rims, large ice cubes etc. and they are there for a reason. They make the drink more interesting and ensures it hits every sense.

With a Mr Consistent cocktail, they’re only really providing taste. So, it’s up to you to add some flair with texture, smell, and touch.

Sticking to the volumes provided (75ml/50ml), I found that I often made too little liquid for the glass I was using. People commented on receiving “half a cocktail” so I switched to using smaller glasses (a simple trick!).

Tasting the Cocktails

I hosted a small party for a few friends to try out as many cocktails as we could.

Making each drink was a breeze, allowing me to get into a rhythm and serve everyone in half the time it would usually take. That’s a huge benefit as it allowed me to enjoy more time with my friends instead of ‘hosting’ duties.

The consensus was that the cocktails were delicious, albeit not always to each individual’s tastes.

For example, one of my friends is a huge Margarita fan and felt that the Classic Marg was too tangy for her tastes. In this case, I was able to add a bit of agave syrup to provide sweetness and balance the flavour to good effect.

Mr Consistent Margarita
A Mr Consistent Margarita with a salted rim and fresh & dried lime

In contrast, some people thought the Pash Inn felt too sweet which is harder to deal with. Not me personally, I like sweet cocktails and the Pash Inn was perfect for me.

I’m still someone who likes to go the extra mile when making cocktails, so I added some small details that make each cocktail a little more ‘fancy’. The type of glass, shape of ice, and garnishes really helped to elevate these cocktails. These are not included with the cocktail mixes.

Mr Consistent Pash Inn
A Mr Consistent Pash Inn with square ice cube and rose bud.

One of my friends is tee-total and Mr Consistent does suggest that the mixes work well with just water. I was skeptical at first but whilst the flavour profile of each drink changes they are still delicious.

I’m sure the flavours could be improved if they were designed with non-alcoholic use as the primary purpose, but being able to serve both drinkers and non-drinkers out of the same bottle is a huge benefit.

How much does Mr Consistent Cost?

A bottle of Mr Consistent will set you back $30 a bottle, which is the equivalent of $3 per cocktail.

If you want to save some money, you can opt for a ‘pack’ that provides a small discount on the cost of each bottle. Naturally, buying more bottles will get you a greater discount on the cost of each individual bottle.

Here’s a sample of the different packages available (prices correct at the time of writing):

  • The Good Vibes Party Pack (5 Bottles + Dried Limes) – $166
  • The Pink Drinks Pack (3 Bottles) – $85
  • The Margarita Starter Pack (3 Bottles + Dried Lime + Margarita Salt) – $136
  • The Everything Pack (12 Bottles + Dried Lime + Cocktail Shaker) – $390

As you can see, packs often contain additional items alongside the discount. This means most packs only make sense if you will get some value out of the additional items.

Shipping and Delivery Costs

The good news is that Shipping is FREE with order over $140. So, if you order at least 5 bottles you’ll qualify for free shipping.

Otherwise, shipping costs start at ~$8.00 and go up from there. The cost is calculated dynamically based on your address and order, so some people might find that shipping costs become quite significant.

Is Mr Consistent good value?

When compared to the cost of buying cocktails in a bar, Mr Consistent clearly provides great value. You still have significant savings even when factoring in the cost of buying your own spirits.

It would definitely be possible to make cocktails cheaper by buying your own ingredients, although it can be tricky to replicate the same flavour exactly. For example, the Margarita mix has quite an extensive array of ingredients:

Lime Juice, Sugar, Agave Nectar, Orange Blossom Water, Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil, Green Mandarin Oil,

Whilst you can easily make a Margarita from just the Lime, Agave, and Triple Sec, the addition of flavoured oils provide a unique flavour for Mr Consistent cocktails.

So, the question is how much you value the benefits of having a pre-combined mix that means you are:

  • Saving you time when making each cocktail.
  • Always producing the same flavour profile.
  • Offering a variety of different options to guests without buying a crazy amount of ingredients.
  • Not dealing with leftover / unused mixer ingredients.
  • Reducing the amount of table/kitchen space needed to store ingredients.

I’d consider these to be some of the main reasons people don’t often create cocktails at home, which therefore makes Mr Consistent a good value and low-stress method of serving cocktails at a party.

Other things you should consider

The main thing I missed when purchasing Mr Consistent was the Use By dates and storage details. In fact, I naively (and very wrongly) thought they’d just last forever in the fridge.

Once opened, a Mr Consistent bottle will last around 3 weeks if kept in the fridge.

If unopened, each bottle will be safe to drink when kept at room temperature for 12 months since their production date.

My Overall Thoughts on Mr Consistent

Whilst I mostly try to stick to the facts in my reviews, I wanted to start this conclusion with my own personal opinion. Will I be using Mr Consistent regularly? No, I won’t.

I enjoy the hosting part of holding events at my house, and I really enjoy the process of making cocktails. Part of that is customising the ratios and ingredients to the tastes of each individual, so I can make their perfect cocktail.

Therefore, I’ll continue to spend crazy amounts of money on cocktail ingredients (that rarely get finished) and serving barely drinkable cocktails because I was “trying something new”. That’s part of the fun for me.

However, I can see why a lot of people will love Mr Consistent.

Quickly producing delicious cocktails with minimal effort, giving you more time to spend with your friends/family. Saving money compared to buying cocktails at a local bar.

If that sounds interesting to you, I’d highly recommend giving Mr Consistent cocktail mixers a try.

Check Out Mr Consistent's Current MixersExplore the range to get perfect cocktails every time.

Alternative Services

For once, I’m not aware of any competing services that offer anything similar to Mr Consistent. They are truly unique!

If you’re aware of any options, let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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