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Our Detailed GoodnessMe Box Review – Trying The Australian Healthy Snack Subscription Box (Updated 2024)

GoodnessMe is a health food subscription box available across Australia. Peta and the team at GoodnessMe promise to deliver a monthly box of exciting, healthy, natural products to your door. Each box can contain samples of anything from chocolate to protein powder to porridge that are designed to help you get started on your healthy eating journey.

Receiving your box promises to be a really exciting event because you don’t know what’s in your box before it arrives.

In this GoodnessMe Box review, I test a monthly subscription to see if they can deliver a super healthy and exciting snacking experience.

GoodnessMe Box Review

GoodnessMe Box Review Summary

GoodnessMe really deliver on the exciting subscription experience, providing interesting products that will delight anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Ordering - Website - 8/10
  • Products - Quality & Experience - 9.5/10
  • Ordering - Delivery - 7/10
  • Value For Money - 9/10


  • Interesting variety of healthy and natural products.
  • Incredible, supportive community.
  • The regular subscription box is great value for money.
  • Boxes can be customised for any dietary preferences.


  • Would like to see some more personalisation of the types of product received.
  • Some products need to be more carefully packaged for delivery.

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Getting started with GoodnessMe

GoodnessMe offer a Beauty box and a Kids Snack box, but for this review we’re going to focus in on the standard GoodnessMe Health Box.

Purchasing a box couldn’t be easier, with a one-size fits all approach to their original snack box. You can customise your contents initially by providing any dietary restrictions from gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Once you enter your payment and address details, that’s it! Your GoodnessMe box will be heading your way. I

was really pleased with how easy they made the ordering process.

Be aware that if you order after the 25th of a month then you won’t receive your first box until the 18th of the next month.

Customising your GoodnessMe box

Once you’ve signed up,GoodnessMe send you a couple of emails. Firstly, allowing you to set up an account where you’ll be able to manage your subscription. Secondly, they send you a survey to fill in that records your preferences allowing them to personalise your box.

These questions can get quite personal such as marital status or whether you have kids, though most refer to your food preferences or any special intolerances you have.

Clearly some of the questions are designed as market research to help GoodnessMe get to know their audience better, however they are also used to change the products you might receive. For example, I (correctly) didn’t receive any feminine hygiene products in my box.

An email from GoodnessMe

The preferences you submit aren’t stored anywhere (that you can access), which is a bit of a pain. If you think you’d like to change your preferences, they’ve now made the form available on your profile so it’s easy to submit some adjustments.

Featured Service

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My GoodnessMe box

GoodnessMe aim to deliver at the start of every month, so I was pleased to get a notification that my parcel had arrived on just the 2nd day! Having subscribed to plenty of monthly boxes in the past, this is great service as you’d usually wait until the 5th/6th.

It was an exciting moment when my GoodnessMe Box landed on my doorstep. It’s not small enough to fit through a letterbox so make sure you specify where your safe place might be and they’ll be able to leave your box there.

GoodnessMe Box on Table
A GoodnessMe box neatly packaged

Opening up the smartly designed box, I discovered 8 products for me to trial. For my March 2020 box these were:

  • Upbeat Instant Porridge
  • Amy’s Kitchen Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Pol Sparkling Coconut Water
  • Mirmir Organics Tea
  • Vegan Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate
  • Inca Organics Protein Powder
  • Toothcrush Wooden Toothbrush
  • Natvia Sweetener Sticks

You can check out my thoughts on some of the products through my Instagram page. I’ve also done a full review of every product in another fantastic GoodnessMe box. I hope this helps give you a good idea what it’s like subscribing to GoodnessMe!

Contents of a GoodnessMe box
The contents of one of my GoodnessMe boxes

Unfortunately the way one of my boxes was packaged meant that the lid on the Porridge has split slightly. There was a light dusting of porridge across the box!

With everything individually packaged and most of the porridge still in the pot, this was hardly a disaster. However, it does suggest perhaps some further thought needs to go into how each product should be transported.

How much does GoodnessMe cost?

With any monthly expense, you don’t want it to cost too much and you want to feel like you’re getting good value.

The GoodnessMe box comes in at a cost of $25/month if you buy it on a monthly (cancel anytime) rolling contract. If you want to commit for a little longer, you’ll get yourself a few extra bonuses.

Subscription LengthPriceDeliveryExtras
1 Month$30$6.95
3 Months$87FREE
6 Months$162FREEBonus Gift
12 Months$300FREEGift + $30 Shop Voucher

Considering the Delivery Fee, you’re saving nearly $20 just by switching up to the 3-Month box which I highly recommend.

With the box costing between $25-$30 (depending on subscription length) and delivering 8 products, I really think that makes GoodnessMe excellent value. From a rough estimate based on all the boxes I’ve received, the products themselves would cost between $20 – $25 to buy individually.

So, with GoodnessMe providing the added excitement of trying new/unusual products I think these boxes provide excellent value for your money.

GoodnessMe also offer you the ability to purchase full sized packages of the sample products on their website. I think this is a great service based on the subscription box, however be prepared as some of the products you sample really aren’t cheap! It would be great to see some more discount codes offered on products that you receive in your box.

The GoodnessMe shop

In recent years, GoodnessMe have massively expanded their shop. Having started as a monthly discovery box, it’s exciting to see them expand into an online store specialising in all things wellness.

They have a huge range of products available, ranging from food, drinks, body & beauty, supplements, and even homewares. If you’re passionate about your health and the world around you, GoodnessMe are an incredible place to shop.

GoodnessMe Header - Food
A sample of the food product you can buy on GoodnessMe (and a sneaky glance at my club points)

Other things worth considering

The GoodnessMe shop offers you the opportunity to earn money off products through the ‘GMB Club’.

This club gives you a $10 voucher for every 300 points you earn. At 1 point for every $1 spent that’s roughly 3% cash back plus you can earn points for product reviews and other actions on the GMB site.

Earning points in the GMB Club

They also have a fantastic blog that’s worth following if you’re interested in the world of nutrition or want to know more about the best ways of using some of your samples.

I’ve been a long-time member of the Facebook community where Peta and the GoodnessMe team have been setting challenges throughout the year. The group has always been highly supportive, active and sharing lots of healthy tips. This builds a real sense of community around receiving your monthly deliveries, sharing your product experiences with likeminded others.

Final thoughts on the GoodnessMe Box

GoodnessMe manages to deliver an exciting experience that allows you to discover new, healthy snacks and products that you can use to improve your overall health.

The low price point makes it accessible to everyone and you know that you’ll be looking forward to your monthly box to arrive. I found that the products were clearly of a high quality and matched up to GoodnessMe’s philosophy.

There are some improvements GoodnessMe could make, including making the personal preferences more transparent and ensuring their packaging is appropriate for each product.

I was tempted to buy some of the products but then found myself put off by their high price point – some vouchers for initial purchases would have probably convinced me to buy.

   Check out the GoodnessMe box from just $25Discover new health foods every month

I hope you enjoyed my GoodnessMe Box review, a service that I’d highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to discover new, healthy foods or wants to explore new snacking options. Have you had a similar experience to me? Let me know down in the comments.