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[CLOSED] The Goodie Box Review – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Started in November 2019, The Goodie Box has a simple proposition. A monthly delivery of healthy snacks from brands available in Australia, designed to inspire a healthier lifestyle. There are two companies providing the same proposition in Australia, so The Goodie Box is competing directly against a FoodBoxMate favourite – the GoodnessMe box. I tested a Goodie Box subscription to find out whether they can deliver a top notch subscription service.

The Goodie Box Has Shut Down

Unfortunately, as of mid-2022, The Goodie Box has ceased operations and will no longer be sending out monthly boxes. If you’re still looking for a healthy products discovery subscription, our recommendation is to try GoodnessMe.

The Goodie Box was founded by two Brazilian sisters, Michele and Bruna. Their ambition is for the box to provide curated access to nutritious snacks that help enable an active lifestyle. There’s no doubt that subscription boxes can be a fantastic way to discover new snacking products with very little effort. Having a box arrive at your door every month is super exciting and I’ve always found it a thrill to open up a box to discover what’s inside.

Does The Goodie Box provide the same thrill and excitement with quality products? Let’s find out.

Getting Started with The Goodie Box

Ordering your box is a straightforward process, with their website being super easy to navigate. You’re able to sign up for a 1 month rolling subscription or commit to either 3 or 6 months of deliveries.

The Goodie Box - Subscription Options
Different subscription options for The Goodie Box

Once you’ve chosen your subscription length, The Goodie Box offer a variety of different dietary modifications. This means that the box is suitable for most people with restricted diets. As well as having the normal box, you can elect to have:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free

Each box is promised to contain 8-10 different products with at least one beverage included. There are no promises around what products you’ll receive, except that they are guaranteed to be non-GMO and ‘natural’.

How much does The Goodie Box cost?

A standard monthly subscription for The Goodie Box costs $35 for every box. If you’re opting for the monthly subscription, it’s possible to cancel your subscription at any point, but you will also be charged a $4.95 delivery fee each month. You can avoid the delivery fee and get your monthly boxes slightly cheaper by jumping up to their 3 or 6 month subscription options.

Subscription Length1 Month3 Months6 Months
Delivery Fee$4.95FREEFREE
Total Cost / Month$39.95$34.00$33.00

With a 6 month subscription, you also receive an additional free gift. At the time of writing this review, you would receive a 20 pack of Gutsii Prebiotic Swiss Dark Chocolate valued at $69.95.

I’ll discuss whether I think this is good value later on in my review. For now, let’s see what came in my Goodie Box delivery

My Goodie Box subscription

I opted for the standard Goodie box, without any restrictions. If you’ve tried the box for gluten free, dairy free or vegan diets, please do let me know what you thought in the comments section.

Getting a monthly delivery

My box was the August box and it arrived in Sydney on the first Tuesday of the month. Unfortunately, there was a slight mixup with the delivery address which revealed a flaw with their online systems. I mistakenly added the wrong address when signing up, which I rectified immediately. However, there are multiple places on your account with a ‘delivery address’ that left the package still being delivered to the old address.

On the plus side, this let me test out their customer service and Michele was fantastic in helping me work out where the package was and how to get it back. A very personal touch and I’m grateful that Michele went above and beyond to help me.

The Goodie Box use Sendle for their deliver provider, who were able to give a tracking code so I could easily see when my package was on the way.

The box itself is plainly packaged with the label printed and stuck to the top.

The Goodie Box Delivery Box
The outside of a Goodie box

With the box finally in my hands, I was able to explore the contents.

What’s inside The Goodie Box?

With the promise of 8-10 products inside the box, it was unsurprising to find plenty of things packed inside the box. Every product was in good condition although there was some space for glass products to move around in – I’d have some minor concerns about potential breakage.

In total, I received products from 9 different brands:

  • Hemp Foods – Almond, Chia & Hemp Spread
  • Start Me Up – Peanut Butter Vegan Cookie.
  • Gutsii – Prebiotic Dark Swiss Chocolate (3 bars)
  • Eloments Tea – Vitamin Tea (2 teabags)
  • Carman’s Kitchen – Super Seed & Grain Crackers
  • Minor Figures – Cold Brew Latte
  • Celebrate Health – Teriyaki Stir Fry
  • Locako – Beauty Collagen
  • Vita Melon – Sparkling Watermelon Juice
Goodie Box Products

There were some products that I know I’m personally not a huge fan of (peanut butter – yuck!) that quickly got distributed to very grateful friends. I was very happy with the range and variety of products though, with plenty of different foods and drinks to try.

For most of the products, the quantity was a good amount to try, I mean check out the size of that cookie! In contrast, just 2 teabags seems a little stingy when trying out the Eloments tea.

Is The Goodie Box good value?

It’s important to feel like you’re getting great value with discovery boxes due to the risk of getting products that you don’t like. As such, I always hope to get products that are worth more than the cost of the box. Here’s the value of the products I received in my Goodie Box:

Almond, Chia & Hemp Spread$11.95
Peanut Butter Vegan Cookie$4.15
Prebiotic Dark Chocolate$10.50
Vitamin Teabags$1.00
Super Seed & Grain Crackers$3.35
Cold Brew Latte$3.85
Teriyaki Stir Fry$3.50
Beauty Collagen$9.95
Sparkling Watermelon Juice$3.30

That’s a whopping 47% more bang for your dollar with The Goodie Box compared to buying each product individually. That’s great value for the added benefits of discovering new products to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

Anything Else?

When trying to adopt a healthier, more conscious lifestyle, it’s important to start thinking about where your food is coming from. I consider it important that foods are ethically sourced and preferably from local Australian brands. This is why it was great to see 7 of the 9 products coming from Australian brands who support ethically sourced ingredients.

I did find a challenge when trying to cancel my subscription. As I elected for the monthly rolling subscription, it meant that I was able to cancel without penalty. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to cancel your subscription online. Instead, you must email The Goodie Box support team for them to manually cancel your subscription. I find this particularly frustrating and believe that if you can purchase online, you should be able to cancel online. Fortunately, they were quick to respond and action the request so it wasn’t a difficult process.

My Overall Thoughts

The Goodie Box delivers a strong, albeit unspectacular snack subscription experience. I found the products to be well chosen and interesting, providing a good range of different snacks to try. As a result, there’s no doubt that a regular subscription would help you discover new health foods to help match your healthy lifestyle. At just $35/month, it isn’t going to break the bank either.

The service is let down slightly by the subscription management functionality on the website, particularly being unable to cancel the subscription without contacting the team directly. I’d also appreciate some more branding and suggestions on how to use the products, which would help make the whole experience more exciting.

The Goodie Box is competing directly against the GoodnessMe box who scored an impressive 8.4 in my review. I personally prefer the overall experience and community that comes with a GoodnessMe subscription, so you should also check out my review of their service.

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