Every Meal Kit In Sydney Melbourne Adelaide

Every Meal Kit Available in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, you’re lucky enough to have the widest selection of meal kit providers in Australia. If you’ve never tried using meal kits before, prepare for a completely new evening experience that brings fun and excitement back to the kitchen. You’ll get to explore new cuisines, cook with new ingredients and simplify the efforts of planning your dinners. If you’ve tried any of these services before, it’s always worth trying new options to see if they suit you better. Each service has their pros/cons and will suit different people depending on your preferences.

Living in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide gets you access to 4 fantastic meal kit services:

  1. HelloFresh (Overall Winner)
  2. Marley Spoon (Best Variety)
  3. Dinnerly (Best Value)
  4. Pepper Leaf (Best Produce)

What are meal kits?

We’d all like to find the time to shop for local ingredients and cook new, exciting meals each week. The reality is often very different, with time pressures leading us to cooking the same boring meals time after time… or worse, reverting to quickly ordering in a takeaway!

That’s why meal kits can revolutionise your meal times. Each week, you’ll receive a box full of fresh ingredients along with recipes to cook new, exciting dishes. All you need to do is unpack the contents and you’re ready to get cooking. No more excuses for boring meals.

In our recent survey, 84% of all meal kit users felt their deliveries made their weekly cooking easier. Using our discount links, you can even get your first boxes cheaper than buying the ingredients at the supermarket! Perfect.

Don’t want to cook? Try a meal delivery service

Sometimes you’re so pressed for time that even spending 30 minutes cooking isn’t possible. That’s where prepared meal delivery services come in very handy. These services prepare and pre-cook the food in their own kitchens before packing it up and delivering it to your door.

This means you can cook a fresh, healthy meal in the microwave in just 2 minutes. No more excuses for resorting to ordering in an unhealthy takeaway.

I always keep a few of these meals in my freezer for those days where I just don’t want to be cooking, helping me stay healthy and saving me money.

HelloFresh (Overall Winner)

HelloFresh achieved an 8.6 rating in our independent review, scoring the highest of any meal kit service. It’s easy to see why they are the most popular meal kit in Australia when they offer exciting recipes, fresh ingredients and a consistent experience.

Great For: Impressing friends, exploring food, solo eaters or couples.

Pros: Delicious meals, clear recipe cards and great portion sizes.

Cons: Some meals are ‘add-ons’ that cost extra.

HelloFresh Delivery Box

Marley Spoon (Best Variety)

Marley Spoon achieved a rating of 7.6 in our independent review, a really solid score. Marley Spoon offer over 25 different meal choices each week, so you’re guaranteed to find meals you’ll love. They offer a super consistent and professional service that’s well trusted around the world.

Great For: Picky eaters, weight loss, food intolerances.

Pros: Huge weekly variety, consistent quality, vegan options.

Cons: Recipe cards can be difficult to follow.

Marley Spoon Delivery Box

Dinnerly (Best Value)

Dinnerly achieved a rating of 6.9 in our independent review, reflecting their positioning in the market. Owned by Marley Spoon, Dinnerly are intended to be a budget meal kit service without compromising on ingredient quality. Dinnerly have seen great success with simple, homely recipes.

Great For: Budget conscious or families with kids.

Pros: Fantastic value for money, good weekly recipe variety.

Cons: Simplistic flavours, variable portion sizes.

Dinnerly Review Box

Pepper Leaf (Best Produce)

I rated Pepper Leaf 7.3 in our independent review, as they thoroughly exceeded expectations. The only Australian-owned company in this list, Pepper Leaf have the fastest farm-to-table times with great quality ingredients. The overall experience is a little less polished but that only adds to the charm of supporting this local business.

Great For: Local produce, fresh ingredients.

Pros: Kits available for 1,2,3,4 or 6 people, high quality local ingredients.

Cons: Vague recipe cards, limited options available each week.

My Pepper Leaf Review Box

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