What it's like receiving a GoodnessMe Box

What it’s like receiving a GoodnessMe box – June 2020

In my original review of GoodnessMe, I gave them a fantastic 8.4/10 rating. I specifically called them out as the perfect food box for “anyone who’s looking to discover new, healthy foods or wants to explore new snacking options” and I still think they’re the best offering on the market.

So, when the team at GoodnessMe reached out and asked if I’d like to get their June box with their new, updated branding I couldn’t help but say yes! This means that I haven’t paid for my latest box but my original review was 100% independent and paid for out of my own pocket.

Since I’ve already written an extensive review of what it’s like to receive a GoodnessMe box, this article will explore the kinds of products that you can look forward to surprising you each and every month. If you’d like to give GoodnessMe a try, simply click on the big button below to explore the options on their site.

New Branding

GoodnessMe just went through a branding update, leading to some significant changes to their website. More importantly, there’s been a huge update to the boxes themselves. Gone are the monotone patterned boxes, replaced by a super vibrant box that stands out as a GoodnessMe box.

GoodnessMe Box Front

GoodnessMe Box Top

I’m a huge fan of this new design and think it really suits the products you’re receiving. The box comes packaged in a larger brown delivery box so it doesn’t stand out so much if the delivery driver has to leave it outside your house.

What’s Inside The Box?

Opening up the box is an exciting moment since you have no idea what’s inside for you to discover. Just like my previous boxes, this one was packed full of goodies with no less than 9 products to try.

GoodnessMe June Box Contents

There was a good mix of different types of product in this box, from snack bars to an ethical toothbrush. There’s no doubt this will help expand your horizons!

Let’s see what each product was like:

RXBAR Protein Bars

These protein bars are a rarity in the world of high-protein because they really don’t contain any additives to help with either flavour or protein content. The bars themselves are quite sticky/chewy and contain quite sizeable chunks of nut in each bar, which gives them a high-quality feel.

Whilst they don’t really suit my personal preference, I can see why they would be of interest to anyone who wants to get more healthy protein into their diet. I’m a little disappointed they’re made in the USA though, I would have liked to see an Australian-based product competing here!

iHerb (12 Pack) – $46.74 | GoodnessMe (12 Pack) – $47.40

RXBar Protein Bars

Ayam Coconut Milk

Ayam Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is the best ingredient for producing delicious curries because it acts as a great base for all the herbs/spices. This small tin comes with an associated thai green curry recipe from the team at GoodnessMe although I used mine in a chicken curry flavoured with curry powder and fresh herbs – YUM!

Realistically, this size of tin (140ml) is just about good enough for 2 portions of curry, though once you’ve used it you’ll definitely want to buy more.

Coles (270ml) – $2.40 | Woolies (270ml) – $2.40

Eloments Vitamin Tea

A box of 14 tea bags from Eloments, a Melbourne-based company sourcing tea from around the world and processing it with organic herbs, fruits and botanicals. Depending on how much tea you drink, the 14 pack may last you a few days or a few weeks.

I’m not a big tea drinker myself, so I passed on the product testing to a friend of mine. The report was very positive, calling out a flavour similar to english breakfast with a fruity aftertaste.

Eloments can be found stocked in Woolies although at the time of writing they were out of stock online.

Eloments – $6.90

Eloments Tea

Proper Sea Salt Crisps

Proper – Seat Salt Crisps

If you haven’t tried ‘upgrading’ your crisp game before, these are fantastic to try. I received a fairly plain ‘sea salt’ flavour but they’re still absolutely delicious and I think they’re better than the cheap packets of crisps most people tend to buy. It’s good to know there are no added ingredients past Potato, Oil and Salt, plus they’re made in New Zealand.

This was a 20g pack which is quite a small portion (for me) but I can understand they’d struggle to get a big packet in the box!

These crisps can be a bit difficult to get hold of unfortunately, with few placings in major supermarkets as of June 2020

Sunnybrook – $2.95 (40g) | GoodnessMe (18 Packs) – $38.20

TePe Toothbrush and Grants Toothpaste

Veering away from the food side of things, 2 complimentary products that are good for both you and the environment. I love the toothbrush that’s made from 96% sugar cane and saves on 95% of the normal CO2 emissions associated with a plastic toothbrush. Using it, you wouldn’t even notice the difference!

The toothpaste is an Australian brand called Grants. The specific product in the GoodnessMe box contained tea tree oil and avoided any preservatives or parabens. The verdict using it, is that it tastes and acts just like toothpaste should! It’s definitely made me more conscious of the ingredients that go into my toothcare regime products.

Toothbrush Oralcare4u – $3.50 | Amazon – $3.99

Toothpaste Grants – $4.20 | GoodnessMe – $4.50

Vital Life Immune Shot

I’ve never tried anything close to an ‘immune shot’ before so this was definitely a new experience. Small sachets of Honey, Lactoferrin and Vitamin C designed to give your immune system a boost. Honestly, I have no idea whether they are effective but they sure do taste nice, with Honey being the overwhelming flavour.

I received 7 individual sachets of this immune shot, to be taken 1-2 times a day.

Coles – $30 | Chemist Wharehouse – $19.95

At those prices, this product is definitely not for me! At Coles prices, this product alone costs more than getting a GoodnessMe box.

Bonsoy Almond Milk

Almond milk is rapidly growing in popularity as a dairy-free alternative to milk. As you’d expect, it comes with a slightly nutty depth of flavour which can really help depending on what you’re using the milk for. I’ve personally been using it in overnight oats and it’s been absolutely brilliant for adding some extra flavour.

The only downside to this product was the packaging – you need to cut a hole into the top of the box and this means it can’t be stored sideways, plus it pours quite erratically.

Bonsoy is a Melbourne based company, which is great for supporting local businesses (albeit the milk is sourced from Japan).

Woolworths – $4.90 | GoodnessMe (6 Pack) – $29.50

Overall Reflections

I was super happy with this box and felt it contained a good variety of different products to try. The Bonsoy almond milk and TePe toothbrush were particular favourites for me and I’ll definitely be buying them again. I would like to see a slightly higher percentage of Australian-based products here, although I understand there’s only a limited number of those companies who are operating at the volume the GoodnessMe team would need.

Total Value Of Products $50.44

When the box itself costs just $25, this all seems like an absolute bargain. Get your first box by clicking on the big button below:

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