Best Foodie Valentines Day Gifts

7 Amazing Food Gift Boxes For Valentines Day in Australia (2023)

Valentines Day is a time for treating your loved one or letting that someone special know you’re into them. As we all know, the best way into someone’s heart is through their stomach.

There are some amazing services in Australia delivering incredible food that makes a perfect Valentines gift. From flashy, one-off sweet treats through to 12-month discovery subscriptions, I’ll share my favourite foodie gift boxes for your loved on Valentines Day this year.

If you’re here after the 14th Feb, fear not! Many of these services offer year-round gifts and we’ll be updating this article again in time for Valentines Day next year.

Looking for a slightly more boozy gift? We’ve rounded up the best alcohol Valentines gifts as well.

Cookies, Cakes & Donuts – Dessert Boxes

DessertBoxes - Valentines Day

Does your valentine have a sweet tooth and a good sense of humour? We love the selection of sweet desserts from Dessert Boxes that includes the (in)appropriately named “king ding-a-ling” and “the BBC”.

  • Product Range: Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Sweets
  • Price Range: $39.00 – $299.00
  • Delivery Areas: All major cities & some regional locations (excluding NT).
  • Latest Order Time: 1:00pm February 13th (Sydney & Wollongong Only. Earlier for other regions)

For Valentines Day, Dessert Boxes have created some awesome gifts delivered in heart-shaped boxes. You can get these stuffed with brownies, scrolls or mini Nutella donuts. What better way to share your love?

It’s also hard to ignore their boxes with personalised messages in fondant, or bundles with inflatable heart balloons. What better way to show your love than with a truck-load of sugar?

Next-day delivery is available in Greater Sydney, with other states needing up to 3 business days and having a slightly more limited range of options.

Send Love with Dessert BoxesCookies, brownies, scrolls and more delivered to your door.

Healthy Snack Discovery Box – GoodnessMe


Maybe your significant other is still on their new years’ health kick, or simply enjoys living a life filled with less sugar. Instead of bombarding them with donuts and cookies, try gifting them a subscription to GoodnessMe.

  • Service Type: Healthy Food Discovery
  • Price Range: $25 – $30 / Month
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide
  • Latest Order Time: Gift Subscription / Voucher

At the start of every month, GoodnessMe ship out a box packed full of healthy, ethical products for your valentine to enjoy. We love GoodnessMe for discovering new brands and foods, especially finding healthier snacking alternatives.

GoodnessMe will even customise their boxes for anyone with gluten or dairy dietary restrictions, as well as vegans.

A 12 month subscription is only $300 and ensures your valentine is reminded how much you love them every month of the year.

Learn More: Read Our GoodnessMe review.

Check out the GoodnessMe box from just $25Discover new health foods every month

Best Quality Chocolate – Bean Bar You

Bean Bar You

The unfortunate fact is that most Valentines products are overpriced and made with sweetened, low-quality chocolate. If your loved one appreciates good chocolate, Bean Bar You stands out as an incredible gift subscription.

  • Service Type: Chocolate Subscription
  • Price Range: Gift Boxes or Monthly Subscription from $44.95
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide

Comfortably the best chocolate subscription I’ve ever reviewed, Bean Bar You are a small operation run out of Sydney with a passion for craft chocolate bars.

No Cadbury’s in sight. This is pure, unique, flavourful chocolate bars.

Whilst there’s no long-term gift subscription available, there’s a huge amount of value on offer buying the rolling monthly subscription for $44.95 and it makes a great couple activity to try the 4 different full-size bars in each box.

Learn More: Read Our Bean Bar You Review.

Explore Bean Bar YouCheck out their subscription options

Japanese Treats – TokyoTreat


The Japanese make snacks better than anyone else on earth. Fact.

Whether you’re Valentine wants to relive a special Japan trip, or loves exploring new and exciting flavours, this is a super fun couples experience that’s delivered every month.

  • Service Type: Japanese Discovery Box
  • Price Range: $32.50 – $37.50 per month.
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide

It’s incredibly fun receiving TokyoTreat boxes if you’re an adventurous foodie couple (or you have an adventurous valentine!). Each box has 16-18 different snacks or drinks to explore, including seasonal varieties of favourite brands like KitKat.

This is another gift that will last  full year, for a bargain price of $390. However, be aware that the cost to get the box shipped from Japan is $12.50 every month.

Considering just how many snacks you get to explore, and how impossible it would be to get them in Australia, I think that’s still great value.

Learn More: Read Our TokyoTreat Review.

Ready for a Taste Adventure? Get TokyoTreat NowDon't miss out on their current box.

Donut Heaven – DrDough Donuts

DrDough Donuts - Valentines Day

This one’s for the donut-loving Sydneysiders and Melbournians of Australia. Prepare yourself for a beautiful, mouth-watering Valentines sweet treat from DrDough.

  • Service Type: Donuts, Cupcakes & Cookies
  • Price Range: $49.95 – $149.95
  • Delivery Areas: Sydney & Melbourne

These aren’t your average donuts. Fresh, fluffy and delicious, they knock Krispy Kream out of the park.

For Valentines Day, they offer a special range of gift boxes where you can get 10, 20 or 30 donuts plus an additional set of tea lights or bath salts.

If Donuts aren’t your thing, there’s also a range of cupcakes, cookies and a special romance hamper with Moet champagne to explore. I’d recommend the donuts though.

Order Fresh DonutsEnjoy some of DrDough's famous Donuts, delivered to your door

Flowers You Can Eat – Edible Blooms

Edible Blooms - Valentines Day

Flowers are the typical Valentines Day romantic gesture. They’re a beautiful, thoughtful gift… but they’re not edible.

Until now.

Edible Blooms deliver full bouquets of edible chocolates, made with Belgian milk chocolate hearts and/or Lindt balls. Delicious.

  • Service Type: Chocolate Delivery
  • Price Range: $59.00 – $299.00
  • Delivery Areas: Australia-Wide

Instead of buying flowers and chocolate, just combine the two into a single gift. A small bouquet contains 24 chocolates delivered on long stems, whilst the large bouquet has a whopping 72 individual chocolates.

This is the perfect Valentines gift for the romantic, sweet foodie in your life. It’s extravagant, vibrant and most importantly delicious. No need to water these flowers and watch them die a few days later, just eat them when you want.

Most cities even have same-day delivery if you order before 3pm!

Explore Edible Chocolate BouquetsGet great value on a unique and special gift.

Ice Cream Specials – Gelato Messina

Messina - Valentines Day

The cult favourite Australian ice cream shop often delivers exciting food on special occasions. Valentines Day is no exception.

Messina are currently sold out for Valentines Day 2023.

  • Service Type: Ice Cream
  • Price Range: $40
  • Delivery Areas: Collect from Store

If you haven’t tried Messina’s ice cream before, you haven’t lived. Their stores create some of the best flavour combinations you’ll find anywhere in the world. My favourite… Cone-ception.

This Valentines Day, Messina have created a Red Velvet Hot Tub ice cream. Layers of cream cheese gelato with red velvet cake and red velvet fudge. Topped with toasted red velvet cake crumbs and piped cream cheese chantilly.

It’s undoubtedly the perfect gift for your ice cream lover Valentine. Or keep it a secret and demolish the 1 Litre tub yourself. Nobody would know.

Explore The Messina Gelato RangeYou can't go wrong with Messina. Click here to order.

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