Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals Services deliver ready made meals that just need to be reheated before eating, saving you from needing to cook from fresh ingredients every day. These are a great way for people who have limited spare time or a small kitchen to still get healthy meals into their diet.

YouFoodz Review

YouFoodz Review (2023) Everything You Need To Know

YouFoodz have been delivering prepared meals across Australia since 2012, growing to become one of the largest meal delivery providers in the country. Their offering centres around fresh, healthy microwaveable meals alongside a variety of snacks, drinks and fruits. Positioning themselves at the budget end of the market, I wanted to see if YouFoodz can deliver a great prepared meals experience.

Lite n Easy Review

Lite n Easy Prepared Meals Review

“Find your way to a healthier, happier you” is the giant statement that greets you when you visit the Lite n Easy website. This is a bold promise and something that all of us aspire towards, even if we get there through a rather circuitous route. It’s also a promise that has attracted thousands of people in Australia to give Lite n Easy a try. Designed to help you lose weight consistently, Lite n Easy deliver prepared Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners each week. In this review, I want to discover whether Lite n Easy really can make you happier and healthier.