GoodnessMe Review Featured Image

GoodnessMe Box Review (2022) – Australian Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Petra and the team at GoodnessMe promise to deliver a monthly box of exciting, healthy, natural products to your door. Each box can contain samples of anything from chocolate to protein powder to porridge that are designed to help you get started on your healthy eating journey. I tested a GoodnessMe subscription to see if they can deliver a super healthy snacking experience.

Detailed EveryPlate Review

EveryPlate Review (2022) | Affordable Meal Kit

In August 2020, Australia saw a rare new entrant to the meal kit market. With a relatively small selection of companies (compared to other countries), it’s fantastic news for us consumers to see a new company competing to deliver us fresh and tasty ingredients. However, you shouldn’t confuse EveryPlate as a small start-up business. Instead, they’re fully owned and operated by a long time Food Box Mate favourite – HelloFresh!

YouFoodz Review

YouFoodz Review (2022) | Fresh Prepared Meals Delivery

YouFoodz have been delivering prepared meals across Australia since 2012, growing to become one of the largest meal delivery providers in the country. Their offering centres around fresh, healthy microwaveable meals alongside a variety of snacks, drinks and fruits. Positioning themselves at the budget end of the market, I wanted to see if YouFoodz can deliver a great prepared meals experience.

The Vegan Box Snack Box Review

The Vegan Box Discovery Box Review

There are hundreds of smaller brands around Australia that create incredible Vegan products, though they lack the marketing budget of big brands and can be really expensive to try. This makes the promise of a monthly curated Vegan box super exciting, allowing people to expand their horizons and discover new Vegan products. This is exactly what ‘The Vegan Box’ promise to provide. I tested this Vegan discovery box to see if it can bring excitement and help me find new Vegan brands.

Lite n Easy Review

Lite n Easy Prepared Meals Review

“Find your way to a healthier, happier you” is the giant statement that greets you when you visit the Lite n Easy website. This is a bold promise and something that all of us aspire towards, even if we get there through a rather circuitous route. It’s also a promise that has attracted thousands of people in Australia to give Lite n Easy a try. Designed to help you lose weight consistently, Lite n Easy deliver prepared Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners each week. In this review, I want to discover whether Lite n Easy really can make you happier and healthier.

Pepper Leaf Review

Pepper Leaf Meal Kit Review

Pepper Leaf are a family-run, local Meal Kit Delivery company based in Melbourne. Running since 2015, they pride themselves on working with Australian producers and delivering food quickly from farm to table. With a majority of Meal Kit providers in Australia being foreign-owned large companies, I was excited to try a genuine local company that felt much more personal. The big question is whether they can compete with the big players? Read our Pepper Leaf Meal Kit review to find out.

Marley Spoon Review

Marley Spoon Review (2022) – Australia’s Best Premium Meal Kit?

Marley Spoon launched its Australian Meal Kits in 2015, promising a wide range of chef-designed recipes with healthy ingredients delivered to your door. Since then, they have delivered tens of thousands of meals to Australians around the country. This experience should result in a polished, faultless meal kit deliver service so I’m super excited to give Marley Spoon a try. Read our Marley Spoon review to discover if they’re able to meet such high expectations.